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BOTD : Fame Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick

Hello friends! I am now supporting more on our Malaysian made liquid lipsticks and so far after following other bloggers and beauty gurus i have found several liquid lipsticks that is super affordable and very very good! They should receive more compliments and recognition! My first Malaysian made liquid lipsticks is FAME. Makeup artist NurLiana is currently promoting and using this brand and i could not just let it pass me by without me having to try it out.

My Buddies Run Cyberjaya (5km)

Hello friends! Just to let you know, i am not a runner. I don't really run. I run for the sake of collecting medals and to force myself to exercise. I don't really know the right way to run (Yes! There's the right way to run and you have to follow that in order to have less pain)  and i always walk all the time instead of running. At school, i don't really run because i have asthma and bronchitis. So, running is not my preferable sport at all. But since last year, i had this opportunity to run with my fellow MDEC Runners and they we all very supportive of me. Being a first time runner, i ran 3 km for 3 rounds! That was like nearly 10km for my first run! Of course it's a relay run so that makes it even harder! 

BOTD : Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow (Hello Goldie!)

Hello friends! Another BOTD entry today i supposed. This time around it'll be about this one affordable drugstore product which i have been using for a while now. Essence Cosmetics it is. I have been using their lipsticks and lip liners since 4-5 years ago and this brand has never disappoint me at all although it is super affordable and cheap! Yes! Cheap! 

BOTD : Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Lolita)

Hello friends! It's Kat Von D time! I have been trying out this newly launched in Malaysia range, the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. After several swatches, i have decided to purchase Lolita as my first shade as it is always sold out anywhere i go! Thank God Sephora in Nu Sentral did have it, only one last piece! 

As usual with the gothic like box, i grab one and paid RM99 for this liquid lipstick.

BOTD : It's My Lip Balm & Lip Crayon

Hello friends! It is only one day to Friday and weekend is just around the corner! Today is the BOTD entry back again and i would like to share with you my current favorite lip products this month.

You may see that the packaging is not that convincing at all, especially when the name of the product it It's My.. To me, do not judge an item (especially from Althea Korea's website) by it's packaging and name! Even though this brand is super duper cheap and affordable, it does what it does and i am falling in love with this brand each day!