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Monday, December 9, 2019

Nak makan apa kat Italy?

Assalamualaikum wbt. Ramai yang tanya, masa pergi Rome haritu, tak susah ke makan? Apa yang korang makan kat sana? Well, meh Anfaal share sikit apa yang kitorang makan kat sana. And up to you all lah if nak ikut atau tak. 

Masa pergi Italy for the first time back in 2017, memang we all bawak Brahims banyak gila but tak bawak Maggi. Haha. So this time around, we all packed banyak gila Brahims and 2 maggi and ended up makan separuh je from the whole lot Brahims and maggi kari tak bukak langsung. This is because, we found out that we could eat a vegetarian food here in Italy. Since dah start bertudung, the restaurant people understand that we are Muslims. Some still offer wine and such (Maybe ada yang pakai tudung tapi tiba tiba jadi open kat luar negara minum wine bagai haha) but we politely declined the offer. 

So, what do we eat there? Where? How do we order? Haaa, jom Anfaal share sikit tips. A basic Italian language could helped too. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

Items to pack when travelling overseas with a toddler

Assalamualaikum and selamat pagi! Good morning / Boungiourno! So, recently as you may be aware, Anfaal baru je balik from Italy trip with my little ones. And i actually did watched a lot of Youtube videos on what to prepare, what to bring in and also during transit and i have gathered most of the information from these videos that i watched and also from my experience as well, i will share with you what i did packed inside the carryon luggage and what i brought with me during the trip. 

This might be lengthy so, just sit back, relaxed and read one by one. The tips may be applied to my daughter but not to your children but i feel like sharing this so that even i could refer back to this entry for future reference. 

WE MADE A MISTAKE by having a lot of things inside our carry on. We have one Duffle bag, one Stokke Jetkids and one Bugaboo Ant stroller to be carried out throughout the entire transit. First of all, our flight departed KUL at 1.45am on 26 October 2019 so Marissa should be sleeping by then. I love night flight cause i could arrive in the country at least at around noon. So, no day and time wasted there. Plus, my daughter will be sleeping (which she did!) nearly the whole entire flight so it was a bonus for us. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Italy Trip 2019 - Dhiyanazimarissa [LONG ENTRY]

Assalamualaimum wbt semua! Yes. Rasa dah lama tak update blog. Haha. Maybe sebab i do not have much time to update and also not much material to share. Well, many of you all here must know (if you read my IG and FB posts) that i am a little bit obsessed with Italy. I took a part time course online on Roman Architecture and also trying to learn Italian (which i failed miserably) via Duolingo. Haha.

This trip was done solely by me, from flight tickets to hotels to train tickets and also activity. Basically, all the important itinerary are done by yours truly. Cause i know where to go, i know and love planning things ahead of time for smoother plans.

Just a simple itinerary for you to imagine what happened during our 10 days in Italy.

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