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BOTD : Purple Lippies!

Herlow friends! Happy Friday to you all! I am writing this entry out of the blue. Just thought of sharing this thoughts that i have on some of my purple / violet shades lipsticks. All of my liquid lipsticks collection in Purple / violet shades are in the picture below. Which one would you think is the best? Or do you want to know which one is the best in my opinion? Well, read more now!

Is there some issues going on with iFlix App?

Well hello friends. Today i feel like asking a question to all of you who have had iflix account. I have subscribed to iFlix account using my 1 year free unifi but i think it is best to have it paid so i do my paid subscription during their Merdeka promo. After i did the payment, my app is no longer showing my last watched since i signed in using a new ID. Nevermind that, as i thought it was only just because of the sign in, my app does not show my last watched. 

So, i watched Gossip Girl using the app in my iPad, registered under my new login ID which is NOT the free Unifi subscribtion. It was okay at first, all of the shows that i've watched did shows up in my history. But now...

BOTD : Catrice Blush Artist Blusher Palette

Dear Friends! Today is another blusher day to review! I have been trying many blusher type for the past month and i think this one tops it all. Although this was my latest purchase (nearly 1 month ago) but i still think it deserves a full attention comparing to the most raved about ColorPop Blushers.

I only bought two out of three palette that they have in stores cause i thought i want to test it out first. Sometimes, affordable brands would not look as promising so i have to test it out first.

Bangkok 4D3N Holiday Trip

Hello friends! I know i have been missing for a while now. It's cause of Aidiladha celebration and also my family trip to Bangkok. I am not going to write down everything that happened during my trip to Bangkok. This is just a sharing entry with you if let say, you are planning to visit Bangkok one fine day. 

As this is a family trip, my dad made all the bookings (flight and hotel). We boarded Malaysia Airlines MH774 from KLIA to BKK airport. As usual, the check in was smoothly done by me 2 hours prior to the flight. Haha. Our first experience of doing the self luggage tag was also went on smoothly. I was just wondering why we can't check in using our booking reference instead of having to check in one by one. If i have 5 person to check in, i'll be spending most of my time at the self check in kiosk, entering the booking number of 5 people. The system was not that fast either. It takes time for it to load especially when you are done with person 1 and would like to check in for person 2. I do hope for an upgrade soon #MAHB.

BOTD : Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks!

Hello friends! How have you been doing? Are you going back to your hometown celebrating Aidil Adha? I am still here at home, blogging! Well, doing the best thing i have ever encountered now! Haha. I know it is Saturday night but i just can't help myself from not blogging! Especially about this particular product which i have been using quite a while since i bought them.

Urban Decay (UD) came out with their new 100 colors of Vice Lipsticks. I never had any of Urban Decay's other lipsticks as when i swatched them, i don't really feel like buying.