Thursday, June 20, 2013

Latest Circle Lenses–Part I

Hello girls! At last my new circle lenses has arrived! I am very excited as I could not wait any longer to try out the new EOS ICE II. I have to know the differences between EOS Ice and Ice II. Well, I wore them right away after a day soaked in the solution and I still cannot find any differences at all between the two.

Hazel Ice II

This is the ICE II Hazel color. This is the lens that I have not yet tried before. I do not know that Ice II even exist! haha. Well, I tried them the day after I got the lens and just love it. It’s like Ice, very comfortable and I cannot feel anything at all while wearing them! Love this lens so much!

Eos Dark Ice

This is the DARK ICE lens in Grey. I have not yet also test this lens. Most of the lenses in this entry are new and I have not yet tried them before this. I have always love EOS lenses as it is very very very comfortable.

Brown Dark Ice

This is today! I am wearing my Brown Dark Ice today and am loving it! I trust the brand EOS ICE as it is very comfortable! You should try them as well you won’t regret it! It feels nothing on my eyes!

I shall be doing another Part II of the entry soon. I have another 2 lenses that I haven’t wear yet and one of them is GOLD! YAY! Excited much!

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