Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Berbuka Puasa at TPC KL (KLGCC) - Family Time

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day all! Well, this would be my 4th year celebrating Ramadhan with my husband. 2nd year as husband and wife, and before that as a couple. We never failed to made a reservation at TPC KL (or known as KLGCC previously) and it has been like a yearly routine for us to break fast at that place. I just love the ambiance, the food, the setup and the crowd. All dress up very poised and came in with the latest trends. For those who are still single and mingle, this would be the place for you to might be meeting your future husband/wife from a high class society. Haha. Well, I am lucky enough to have my wonderful husband with me throughout this 4 years and this year we have an additional family member joining the tradition as well, Marissa. 

Since we are quite familiar with the setup and all, we decided to arrived at about 5.30pm just to get the best parking spot. Then, we just waited inside the car up until it was about 6pm. Usually, around 6pm we are allowed to register and enter the dewan makan but unfortunately this time around the dewan makan is only open at 6.30pm cause they have to do some final arrangements and setups.

While waiting for the table, we took some photos as the photo booth. 

I just love the choices of foods available. Every year, it is almost the same dished served so i know what to take and please, do not be greedy and take a whole lot of foods cause you'll ended up not eating 70% of them actually. We have learnt our mistake and now we know that we have to just take bits and bots. If it is not enough then we could add more. 

This was what we took for the first round. Sate, a bit of kuehs, dimsum, kambing bakar, daging bakar, lidah bakar, tauhu bakar. The must take dish here would be lidah bakar. Husband loves it so much he could just eat that alone! haha. For me, their apam balik is a must! 

They do have more variety of foods actually. Just that i did not take the photos of all available foods. They do also have Laksa, seafoods, kerepek, keropok lekor, kuey teow goreng, all sorts of bubur, fruits, cakes & desserts. OMG! A lot of choices! And it was worth it! I mean, if you'd purchase the early bird price and with all of these foods, it is worth it. Drinks are also available, hot and cold.

Well, next year would be our 5th year breaking fast at TPC KL. I can't wait! Hehe. Please visit TPC KL website for information. 

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