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Beauty Tester


All pictures, noted, entry and links were from me unless stated otherwise. This is my personal blog so sometime, i might be posting some personal stuffs too. It is my blog and i am the one and only author for this blog. I will do my best to share all of the experiences i have had with either beauty products or other non beauty products inside this blog and all personal experiences were legit and real from me.

I do accept sponsorship from any company (beauty,clothing,accessories etc) who would like me to do a review and i shall give my best and honest opinions. All the opinions were legit and wont affected the compensation agreed. I will not do any FREE advertising unless it is from my own personal review. This blog is not a FREE advertising blog as i was the one who maintains it and key in all the entries. 

If you would like to use my pictures or entries please send me a note and contact me via email at contact@anfaal-ridhuan.com. If i could find any infringement of my entry and contents in terms of duplicating/copying/uploading/transmitting/republishing/reproduction and more i will take actions towards you and you do not want to mess with a Leo girl who was born in the year of Tiger. 

Thank You!

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