Monday, August 9, 2021

Potty Train anak - Ada umur tertentu ke?

 Assalamualaikum wbt & salam sejahtera to all my readers. I feel like writing a blog post today sebab rasa macam dah berjaya potty train anak dengan cemerlangnya. (cheh haha riak pulak). Al-kisahnya, my one and only daughter, Marissa or dengan nama panggilan Acha ni dah nak masuk 4 tahun dah Dec 2021 ni. Lepas tu, bila tengok ramai yang dah berjaya potty train anak they all seawal usia 2 tahun, i jadi macam gelisah. Kenapa anak aku dah 4 tahun masih tak di train untuk potty kat toilet? Aku ni malas ke apa? Haha Sebenarnya, banyak lagi benda yang aku fikir dulu. Macam mana nak potty train? Boleh ke aku buat ni? Pandai ke anak aku nanti? Tak susah ke nak lap semua, lagi lagi kalau time tengah meeting online, mampuihhhhhh! haha

Tapi, secara tak langsung, aku sedar yang anak aku ni dah pandai 'tahan kencing' atau dengan nama lain dia tak kencing sekerap dulu and kalau nak kencing dia akan cakap 'nak shishi' dulu baru dia kencing. And petanda petanda macam tu membuatkan aku berani cuba untuk tak pakaikan Acha lampin pakai buang masa pagi pagi, cuma malam je tak berani lagi. Takut kencing tilam pulak. haha.

So bagi aku lah, nak potty train ni biar anak dah bersedia dan mak pun dah tau nak buat macam mana. Macam aku, setiap 30min aku tanya nak kench tak? Nak shishi tak? Kenapa kench je, berry tak tanya ke? Selalunya anak aku kalau dia nak berry, dia memang akan inform dulu..walaupun time pakai pampers dulu. So tak de hal sangat lah bab tu. 😀 Tapi, dia masih tak pandai nak berry kat toilet lagi, dia rasa susah. Haha. So tak pe lah Acha, kita cuba slowly okay.. tak payah paksa. Bila dah ready, nanti kita berry kat toilet. 

Mak mak sekalian, anak korang potty train umur berapa? 😃 

Till then,


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Focallure Go Travel - PRAGUE

 Assalamualaikum and Good Day, everybody! Well, if you'd follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I will be posting the next Go Travel palette here in my blog. Wait no more; this is the next Go Travel palette that I want to share with all of you today. Well, I am not sure about you girls out there, but I really DIG Focallure! Their makeup range is just affordable but really beyond its standard! 

By the way, just look at the name on each of the eyeshadows. Kampa Island, Charles Bridge, most of them are a MUST SEE when in Prague, I believe. I have not been to Prague yet, hence not much that I can comment, tho. :) 

As usual, the pigmentation is absolutely wonderful! With the palette's price is less than RM30, you can get very pigmented, beautiful and easy to matched eye shadow colours. My favourite shade in this palette would be the last one, Charles Bridge. The palette looks very plum and purple, but it looks a bit like Maroney burgundy type of colour! 

If you are keen to purchase this palette, click here: Focallure Prague Palette, and you will be amazed to see the price. 

Happy Shopping! 

Till then,

Monday, February 1, 2021

Focallure Go Travel Eye Palette - PARIS

 Assalamualaikum wbt and Good day everybody. It has been such a long time, i have not written anything on Beauty related post in my blog. Haha. Not sure what is my passion now actually but Makeup is still on top of my list. I still do purchase new makeup items to try out and i am also one of Mary Kay beauty consultant as well. 

Today, i would like to share one of the eye shadow palette that i bought last year. Very affordable and super nice to see in Shopee and when it arrived, i can still remember how excited i am to try these out. Walaupun tak pergi mana-mana since still MCO at that point of time. Hehe. 

Kenapa I choose Paris to be the first palette yang I nak introduce in my blog? Sebab Paris is closer to Rome & Italy and i am supposed to go to Paris last year tapi tak kesampaian. 

Since I have not been to PARIS before, i am not sure the colors in this palette represents Paris, or not. But some of the colors are just exceptionally beautiful!

The swatches are according to row by row, being the first photo is for the first upper row of the eye shadows and I would like to share, yang Anfaal tak perlu nak gosok kuat kuat sangat ya sebab memang eye shadow dia PIGMENTED sangat! 

Plus, those yang matte does not even feel chalky at all. Of course, there are some fallouts when it comes to glitter type of eye shadow but still, for an eye shadow that is priced below RM30 this is AMAZING!

I really like the color choices and also the types of eyeshadows in this palette. It has matte eye shadow, chunky glitters and some satin ones as well and all are easily blended. 

You can get these from Shopee (link here: and these makeup is shipped from China hence, it'll take a while for the items to reach at your hand.

Well, it was all worth it because the makeup items are super affordable with high quality. 

Go and check them out! 

Would you like to see the swatches of the rest of the Go Travel palettes? Please put your comments in the comment section down below. 😃 

Till then,

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

SHOPEE Guarantee BEST - with direct links!

 Assalamualaikum and good day everybody. Harini, terlebih rajin pulak nak share on "SHOPEE" and items yang Anfaal dah purchase from SHOPEE yang best and only the best saja. Disclaimer, semua barang dalam ni Anfaal beli dan dan pernah cuba and/or pakai ya. So Anfaal boleh lah suggest kat korang semua. 

Link dah siap siap disediakan, kat kedai mana Anfaal beli. Kalau korang click and purchase kat link tu, Anfaal akan dapat sikit comission. Nak bagitahu dulu lah, takut nanti ada yang tanya pulak kan. 

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