Monday, June 30, 2008

RandomActs Flashmob Rob! at Urbanscape,KLPAC

It was a very very hot day in KL.some more in getting sunburnt it was worth it-la. i was there practically because of the Flashmob Rob! held by Zain HD of was fun at the beginning of the flashmob but later people are trying to suspect something fishy is going on.

we were calling for ADRIAN, the chief editor for the mag KLue.shouting like he was our idol for some cant believe that i was actually shouting a name that i dont even know!haha..but it was worth it the plan-la.never thought that it could be as successful as that.

i would like to congratulate Zain HD and also the crew of Random Alphebets for making all this Flashmob really do come true. (as i might say it comes true because it actually

so,here are some pics that we took during the Flashmob!


went to watched SEPI just was a very beautifully done movie.i love the actors and also some part of the storyline.the way they put Pierre Andre as just an imagination was totally out of my mind.(i like him by the way).and how they relate the story,from the fish monger to the shoe maker and also the cooker/chef.quite interesting story and plots.just like CINTA it self but this one relates to one another.

but i still am wondering why did Baizura Kahar wear wig in this movie?and also it seems like she's looking like a hippie girl(the scene inside the PutraLRT).and also the kid's role.i think they should have made his role bigger impact.he seems like nothing inside the story. (as what i understand)

but overall,i love this story eventho it takes quite 2 and 1/2 hours to seat in a cinema with someone banging my seat from behind.

Friday, June 27, 2008

i miss you,friend

i met with my guy friend today.finally after such a very long time, we arranged to meet but yet it end up with a failure.but this time,we met at sunway piramid.been missing him a lot actually.we just talked about what we have done so far.mine would be the industrial training that i've been through right now.the bitter and the sweet part.his will be the story of someone.. 'no worries dear,nanti2 mesti ada punya..' no worries,i'll be here to guide :P

so we just sat at Starbucks.talking and talking.then we went back home.i drove denel's myvi and went straight back home.

thanks a zillion to my boyfriend who is so understanding.letting me to meet my guy you. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

SEPI and not alone

it's SEPI day today.Khabir's another movie after CINTA and also Manjalara (a series). i like Khabir's movies.very good in shots.salute you,big brother.

but today im not as SEPI as i tought. i have my friends fact my school mates want to do a little reunion tonite but i couldnt make it.more woke to be done. *sigh* maybe next time fellas.but i still miss you guys.~ :)

nothing to say today..maybe i'll be posting something interesting tonite while im completing my work.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rain rain go away

It's raining today.thank God after i had my's pouring down like heaven. :) love it when its is just that i'm wearing a see thru cloth. :P and im afraid that all the people eating their lunch could stop eating and be hungry all
i love rain,but i dont like lightning.some bad memories related to lightning.afraid..not i dont like.
but it's still there and still will be there is it's raining.

do you like rainy day?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Elements of life, anticipation.

Has anyone credited you towards things that you have done?how they judge you?is it bad?how if it's bad?will you tend to get angry?i know i is your reactions if it's good?people like good's's in our mind and soul.we love good things and we always wants good things to be with us,all the time.

like goth people (as if there are any), they tend to be happy even in the gloomy days.but yes,they always not in a good mood,they themselves are gloomy and dark.i've been in that kind of situation before and i know,i am adopting a different environment now.

what are elements of life?is it Happy?money perhaps?or even family?for me the elements are love,friendship and care to is like a ball (yeah i know you've heard this like a thousand times already but im going to type it in anyway,lol).sometimes you are on the up hill and other time you are almost at the bottom of the world.but with love,friendship and care at least (im saying at least because that's the 'best' word to hear) we could be in the middle.middle is good.for me.i dont know for others but, average is good.because we could feel the ups and the it?

think what is your elements of life and tell me here.i accept any of your comments.

Monday, June 23, 2008

when the going gets tough

you see, when the going gets tough,people always says that the tough gets going.yes it's true.while you are struggling to live life,the life that you live is simply amazing. try to be as happy as you can be. if you are feeling lonesome,sad or even angry try to think about your love does not have to be your girlfriend or can be your cats, cars, football, clothes, money;anything! just try this and im sure that you will have that inner positivity in you.

live your life young,happy and gay. dont misjudge yourself and happy eventhough there is nothing to be happy about. God created all of the things happen for a reason and only we know the reason why if we sit down for a while and think deep. read a lot,watch movies a lot, act a lot as if you never have acted before, in a positive way.never ever negeleted what you want to do, not others tell you to do.others will tell you to do if you are doing wrong in what you are doing.and if that doing of yours are the one that you like to be doing, you'll never be angry with others who corrected you.

what am i blabbering about?think for no reason.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


collaboration with the others

yesterday i went for a reunion.not mine's denel's high schoolmates.i barely knows them but yet they still act like im one of them.thanks for letting me be part of your team.

photos will be uploaded soon!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sempurna - OST love.

Kau begitu sempurna,
Di mataku kau begitu indah,
Kau membuat diriku akan slalu memujamu.

Di setiap langkahku,
Kukan slalu memikirkan dirimu,
Tak bisaku bayangkan hidupku tanpa cintamu.

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku,
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua,
Hanya bersamamuku akan bisa.

Kau adalah darahku,
Kau adalah jantungku,
Kau adalah hidupku lengkapi diriku,
Oh sayangku kau begitu sempurna,sempurna.

Kau genggam tanganku,
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh,
Kau bisikkan kata dan hapus semua sesalku.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

kadang-kadang bodek pun menjadi

kadang-kadang bodek bos pun boleh dapat pujian lebih, sedangkan hanya hangat-hangat je.kerja pun, orang lain yang buat.yang bagi nasihat tak dapat ape2.kosong.ambil la semua yang ko nak.nak jadi budak pandai,ambik semua kerja yang ada kat sini.biar attention semua kat ko.happy kan?
supaya nanti nampak macam orang lain tu bodoh,tak cepat belajar,supaya ko yang nampak pandai,semua boleh buat,serba serbi semua lah,tamak kerja.satu hari nanti,baru ko tau,baru ko sedar kot.buat masa skarang ni,biarkan je la.ko bolot la semua yang ko nak,hisap jangan kongsikan kat orang lain supaya ko boleh dapat apa ko nak.pujian.suka kan kalau kena puji?best kan tengok orang lain tak kena puji sebab kerja yang dia buat.walaupun penat,ada jugak buat kerja tapi dia nampak ko sebab ko pun konon rajin buat kerja.
biarkan je lah.orang macam ko ni,semua nak bolot ni,semua nak perfect ni,memang tak lama stay kat mana-mana company pun.perangai ko yang konon comel tu,tak kan ke mana jugak.ko nak buat ape,buat la.lepas ni aku dah tak nak tolong ko lagi lah,dah pandai.cepat belajar la katakan.aku pun tak tau ko belajar ape.photoshop,aku yang ajar ko kot.entah.subconscios mind?ko kata benda tu merepek je.sales,aku yang call kan untuk sebenarnya ape?pembodek. :) senang je cerita.aku bawak laptop aku bagi ko pakai,ye lah..ko kan cepat belajar.tak pe lah,belajar la sampai mati.jadi la yang terbaik sampai mati.tak de sape akan ingat ko kalau perangai ko yang suke bolot tu tertanam kat otak ko sampi bila2.
dah puas dah aku tolong ko,skarang ni,ko jalan la sendiri,budak cepat belajar' :)


she just ruins it all.for us.she wants to see us going down.we barely know them.i barely knows them.she just tells it all.and made we hate each other now.she just ruins it.she just ruins it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


well,i've watched theater last 2 weeks.the p.ramlee the was WOW!i like love it!at first i thought it could be another boring theater,like it's actually for older people.i've watched my first theater and it was actually a disaster for me because i was only little and could'nt appreciate the life of theater.but now i have aimed to be someone in the theater field.

i will start by practicing my acting.common way,in front of the camera.and i will try to step by step be in the theater world.


Me,Myself and Webbis

Hi all.
i've just halfway to complete my tasks doing a manual on the catalog for Toolbook.i have to examine the placeholder catalog as well as the navigation panels.i had to make a courseware out of it and i've decided to come out with a courseware specificaly about the 10 most outrageous cars around was just mainly because i love cars so much.

so okay,last nite i've finally watched KungFu Panda. :) it was nice movie with nice animation.i didnt know that Dreamworks also has their own animation studio which i found out just last nite!the animation was prefectly good and as a graphic designer student,i tend to say to my friends that this animation takes a long,long,long,long time to finish.the rendering process is very2 hard to do.hard and's time consuming.

next time,i want to do something else rather then watching movies.maybe goin to the museum or bird park.anywhere.oh yes,the next project for RandomActs.cant wait!ROBB!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

RA (Random Acts)

First there was KL Freeze in Pavillion,Unison and Sunway.Next it was KLX and the newest plan is Rob!

I think,RA suits me who likes to meet new people and do crazy stuff and not get embarrass by doing the still looking forward to the next plan and i am planning to participate in it.

RA,you rocks!

RA in Facebook -

RA webbis -


Hi first blog here.thanks for coming thru. :)
nothin much to say at first.just wanna say that i love arts.not drawing but things like acting,modeling.something beautiful,like dancing.
maybe i could become one.
my wishlist starts here...

this in life in the webbis..

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