Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Elements of life, anticipation.

Has anyone credited you towards things that you have done?how they judge you?is it bad?how if it's bad?will you tend to get angry?i know i am.how is your reactions if it's good?people like good things.it's genetic.it's in our mind and soul.we love good things and we always wants good things to be with us,all the time.

like goth people (as if there are any), they tend to be happy even in the gloomy days.but yes,they always not in a good mood,they themselves are gloomy and dark.i've been in that kind of situation before and i know,i am adopting a different environment now.

what are elements of life?is it Happy?money perhaps?or even family?for me the elements are love,friendship and care to others.life is like a ball (yeah i know you've heard this like a thousand times already but im going to type it in anyway,lol).sometimes you are on the up hill and other time you are almost at the bottom of the world.but with love,friendship and care at least (im saying at least because that's the 'best' word to hear) we could be in the middle.middle is good.for me.i dont know for others but, average is good.because we could feel the ups and the downs.is it?

think what is your elements of life and tell me here.i accept any of your comments.

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