Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Me,Myself and Webbis

Hi all.
i've just halfway to complete my tasks here.im doing a manual on the catalog for Toolbook.i have to examine the placeholder catalog as well as the navigation panels.i had to make a courseware out of it and i've decided to come out with a courseware specificaly about the 10 most outrageous cars around 2008.it was just mainly because i love cars so much.

so okay,last nite i've finally watched KungFu Panda. :) it was nice movie with nice animation.i didnt know that Dreamworks also has their own animation studio which i found out just last nite!the animation was prefectly good and as a graphic designer student,i tend to say to my friends that this animation takes a long,long,long,long time to finish.the rendering process is very2 hard to do.hard and long.it's time consuming.

next time,i want to do something else rather then watching movies.maybe goin to the museum or bird park.anywhere.oh yes,the next project for RandomActs.cant wait!ROBB!!

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