Monday, June 30, 2008

RandomActs Flashmob Rob! at Urbanscape,KLPAC

It was a very very hot day in KL.some more in getting sunburnt it was worth it-la. i was there practically because of the Flashmob Rob! held by Zain HD of was fun at the beginning of the flashmob but later people are trying to suspect something fishy is going on.

we were calling for ADRIAN, the chief editor for the mag KLue.shouting like he was our idol for some cant believe that i was actually shouting a name that i dont even know!haha..but it was worth it the plan-la.never thought that it could be as successful as that.

i would like to congratulate Zain HD and also the crew of Random Alphebets for making all this Flashmob really do come true. (as i might say it comes true because it actually

so,here are some pics that we took during the Flashmob!


  1. it was fun aite??? next event if u don't mind, can i join u guys again? sha won't be around coz she'll be doing her internship in terengganu, so now, i'm begging ain to come with me.

  2. hehe...of course boleh je join.mari2 u are already welcome! :D
    ape2 u know how to find boleh..fb boleh..semua boleh :D


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