Monday, June 30, 2008


went to watched SEPI just was a very beautifully done movie.i love the actors and also some part of the storyline.the way they put Pierre Andre as just an imagination was totally out of my mind.(i like him by the way).and how they relate the story,from the fish monger to the shoe maker and also the cooker/chef.quite interesting story and plots.just like CINTA it self but this one relates to one another.

but i still am wondering why did Baizura Kahar wear wig in this movie?and also it seems like she's looking like a hippie girl(the scene inside the PutraLRT).and also the kid's role.i think they should have made his role bigger impact.he seems like nothing inside the story. (as what i understand)

but overall,i love this story eventho it takes quite 2 and 1/2 hours to seat in a cinema with someone banging my seat from behind.

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