Monday, June 23, 2008

when the going gets tough

you see, when the going gets tough,people always says that the tough gets going.yes it's true.while you are struggling to live life,the life that you live is simply amazing. try to be as happy as you can be. if you are feeling lonesome,sad or even angry try to think about your love does not have to be your girlfriend or can be your cats, cars, football, clothes, money;anything! just try this and im sure that you will have that inner positivity in you.

live your life young,happy and gay. dont misjudge yourself and happy eventhough there is nothing to be happy about. God created all of the things happen for a reason and only we know the reason why if we sit down for a while and think deep. read a lot,watch movies a lot, act a lot as if you never have acted before, in a positive way.never ever negeleted what you want to do, not others tell you to do.others will tell you to do if you are doing wrong in what you are doing.and if that doing of yours are the one that you like to be doing, you'll never be angry with others who corrected you.

what am i blabbering about?think for no reason.

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