Monday, July 28, 2008

So in love with .

Just want to list down things that i'm in love with and addicted with..
  • Bread
  • Smuckers (Peanut butter and jelly)
  • Facebook
  • Movies (romantic comedy)
  • Chocolate
  • Neat and tidy bed
  • Wendys
  • Losing weight (my underarm and tummy)
  • RandomActs
  • Novels (English and Bahasa)
  • Blogging
  • Meeting new people
  • Be silent
  • Cars
  • Sit ups 30 times a day
  • Pierre Andre (lolx)
  • Doing my project 2 (YAY)
  • Friends
  • My apricot facial wash
  • Being at the shooting place
  • Hangout

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Uniten.i hope u dont read

P/s:Bahasa yang digunakan agak mintak maaf sape yang terasa ata rase2 yang pmpuan tak layak nak cakap kasar2 macam ni.

I had this feeling yang uniten skarang ni dah over dose kot the VC and also the residents.macam orang gile skarang ni berperang because of the tak boleh keluar atau masuk after 12 thingy.i think uniten dah melampau man.pasal parents tak boleh masuk kelompok la ape la.kena tinggal kan id la ape semua.what's the point?isn't that macam menyusahkan students?parents masuk dalam sebab tak nak anak dia susah kena jalan keluar la ape la.besides,it's our mum and dad.ada kes ke b4 this yang parents ada rogol anak orang lain?i dont think so.even kalau la nak kata this place ni suci sangat dari laki.tgk la suami2 resident tu.mata keranjang jgk.sama je lelaki.tak de la suci mana pun.dengan cleaner lagi..tukang cuci semua tu ada yang laki.nak kata derang tu baik..ahh...g mampos la semua tu.i've had this experience where ada group TNB ape tah nak repair circuit kat murni.derang tu,nampak je TNB tapi lelaki and then menggatal.cuit sana sini.what the fuck,uniten?tu boleh pulak?why?is it because of derang tu kerja TNB?oh jangan bagi lame alasan like that.dan orang yang kerja ofis murni tu,suami dia boleh plak masuk dalam amik bini dia.apesal bini dia tak payah g bagi id la ape semua kat guard tu?puki btol kan?

another thing is that pasal international students.dah la kita ni di anak tirikan,international students tu plak yang dapat lagi satu yang nak buat i marah sangat2 ni.MPP plak macam taik je.tak pernah nampak progress korang semua tersekat antara student dengan uniten?oh..fuck la.aku tak percaya korang boleh ubah nasib student students pun boleh berambus masuk kubor.

pasal saman menyaman ni aku tak pernah kena lagi.pakai ID kalau dalam uniten tu aku boleh trima lagi tapi untuk tak boleh pijak rumput,parking tak boleh kat coe and admin (utk budak murni) tu aku rase melampau gile babi.korang apesal suke sangat menyusahkan student?dah la yuran tetiap sem naik.aku rase U lain tadek la plak yuran naik tetiap sem.fasilities pun macam tu jgk.kafe dalam uniten pun ada dua je.satu kat mph satu kat coe.itupun bukak sampai pukul brape la sangat.pastu periuk tak boleh bawak.periuk nasi je then nak halang2 org kuar masuk after 12.puki ko la.

so,mau tak mau..aku dah tulis dalam blog aku.uniten,korang dah la kena sebab nak kena lagi ke?tak takut ke?ingat student ni bodoh ke?jangan main2 dan jangan pandang blakang.aku ramai kawan dalam media.korang tak takut,aku pun tak.chow.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flashmob at LAMAN

Hello2.another flashmob LAMAN,Taman Tasik Perdana.we (me,denel,syu and ain the mingle) arrived quite early without noticing that we actually had to 'find' the Main Stage.we were walking from the entrance while looking through the map.we got was confusing actually the map because the writings are so small and there are a lot of sponsors so we just walked with our instinct.untill at one point i just couldn't stand it anymore i asked one of the people involved in the LAMAN thing. (how do i know?he's wearing the LAMAN tag)

we were actually near to the main stage from where i asked the LAMAN,when we arrived there was actually no one around.then we saw this one man which is from RA as well.we saw him in the LUM and also KLX and also ROB so i know he is there for the flashmob.

then,syed and many more came.including Zain and his fellow RA friends.we were given a briefing about what we are supposed to do by Zain.i bought denel the RA shirt and then a few mins after that,we started to follow our leader was Syed Nasir.we need to fall down (laying on the ground) for 30 sec (that was the plan but i think we did lay down for about 4 mins).when the clowns are near us (the clowns are the main attraction for people to gather around us and see us laying down),sameer was like saying '' so i think i was the first one to lay down.haha.then ain was beside me.she asked me nak tutup mata ke tak ni dee?i was like..tutup la..then..tak payah la.haha..but i can see the people around us,looking at us,pointing at the same time,the MC gave a briefing about what we are doing.the symbolic about what we are doing.

then,after the dead thing finished,we took pictures together and then we dismiss.we (me,denel,syu and ain the mingle) went jalan2 cari gambar!oh penat sangat because in each place there must be something funny!oh sakit perut ku~

next activities late august.23rd..gonna miss them all now.

Here are some pics from the LAMAN.

Gifts from my dad.

Even though it is not yet my birthday,my dad had already gave me things from England.yeah.England.he went there last week remember i told you in my blog? :)
well,i just love my dad.he seems to know everything even though he is not around and even though i seldom talk to him.he seems to know,what i like and what i want and what i adore.i love him so much for that.he is so caring and so like sharing.he seems to live in his own world because he loves golf and i dont have any brother to like,follow his passion.i suck in golf,btw.i used to take the golf course in uniten but like i said,i,i feel sorry for my dad.he used to bring me along with him to the driving range and i will have my own plastic golf club with me and play at the sandy part of the was nice the father-daughter thing.but now things are getting more and more is not that who is running away from is just that i grow up now and he sees me as an adult now.(i think so) but,i still look out for him,asking him my pocket money and book money and he even paid my tuition fees when i did not get my ptptn.he's so understanding.or maybe he did not have any faith in me?i dont know.

what i know is that,i love my apa so much. <3>

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I went to RandomAttire booth at the That Green Thing in Happy Mansion.we were actually tryin to find the Happy Mansion but found nothing.Syu accidentally saw Zain and we were trying again (so hard!) to find the Happy Mansion without realize that we actually at the Happy Mansion.oh gosh!

Finally we arrived.and register and so on..we went inside.i saw Zain.i think he saw,nevermind.we were actually just aiming for the RA shirt.where the heck is the booth?i asked first, the place was not that crowded.i met with jen,my friend in cats whiskers.miss her.u dah kurus la jen.. :) but,anyway we did bought the shirt and mikey came.he said he was hungry so we went out to the amway punya foodcourt there.nasi lemak panas.

here,when u just arrived,the stalls people will start asking you what to eat.there are around 4-5 people,surrounding our table,started to spill out their menu.we were like,stoned for a moment.have not yet ever been to a place like this.then we started to say 'nak makan nasi lemak'.we ordered the drinks then we ate our food la. :)

after that,we went back to the Happy Mansion.sat there for about an hour or so then we just could'nt hold our 'shi-shi' so we went to the petrol station to let it out.then,we just went back home because segan nak masuk 2,3 kali.hehe...

so,here's the pics of the RAttire Shirt.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am soo into Pop Tarts now.just pop it inside a toaster and that's all!yummy and most importantly, sweet!currently im into smores.later maybe i'll be tasting the strawberries after this :)

yummy2 treats!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Great Days Ahead

Hello.i have started my class this week.all of the assignments and stuff and notes printing and everything.still NOT missing my workdays.haha.left it all even when im still working there.enuf about my internship days.i wanna type about my student life here.

so okay im currently taking project 2 this sem which means i am going to be extremely busy.oh still have to digg out the ideas from my lazy brain here.haha.but i have some new and fresh ideas coming so i hope that Sir Azlan could just accept my ideas plus,his ideas as will be superb i'll tell ya! :P

so,the SALES are in and i've already bought loadsa long sleeves shirts and im lovin it.murah je la since it's sales kan?so my birthday is coming and i bet hadiah i semua SALES need to buy presents.just wanna celebrate it with my friends and of course,family. :)

so,shop wisely okeh~

Sunday, July 13, 2008

RandomActs Flashmob LUM and 7 Guards!

Me and my friends went for RandomActs Flashmob LUM at KLCC yesterday.We met at the carpark opposite Dang Wangi LRT Station and gathered at the front gate of the Dang Wangi LRT Station for a little briefing about Look Up More (LUM) and we we divided in to several groups on the same day,debab dah siap repair!yay! :D

continuing about the LUM,from Dang Wangi LRT we rode on the LRT and reached at KLCC station.It was like 1 stop only Dang Wangi->Kg Baru->KLCC.Then our 2nd meeting point which is near at the pond of KLCC.We were actually waiting for the calling time for us to go to the food court.(our group [me,syu and ain] was placed at the food court and the other is at the kinokuniya).

when the time comes,we held the banner and then (in hoping) for someone down to point up to us.we are actually promoting RandomActs next project on 23rd August which is the RWP (Read While Waiting Project) and the banner has every alphabets of the Read While Waiting Project.I was supposed to held a 'T' banner so im on the out most left and im actually the end of the line.hehe :) Syu beside me held a 'C' banner.We held the banner for actually not more then 5 mins i think.

when we were trying to dismiss, we went to the escalator and on the other side of escalator,we saw a security guard getting up.someone was actually pointing to the guard and he sees us, and syu trying to ran away from the guard and we did get away but sadly for our 4 friends in my group,including ain get caught.

we went to Avenue K Burger King and we had a post mortem the representative from level 3 and 5 giving their speech about 7 GUARDS that are actually trying to find us n feeling so damn wanted.haha.but we did managed to ran away from the was fun,damn fun!running away from the guards is the most fun thing that i've ever done.haha..

So,when is the next project,Zain?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday Present Dayana & the stories behind :)

Yesterday i went back home just to accompany my mum because my dad is not in Malaysia right now.he went overseas to UK.maybe this Sunday he'll be back.cant wait for the chocolates and also other stuff that he will buy for but i like my dad to be at Japan because he'll bring me gadgets stuff like the one i got from him last year if im not,apa bila nak g jepun lagi ni?lol :P

so okey,at night i met with my besties.izzati and dayana.for the purpose of buying dayan's birthday present.we went to hartamas and we bought the present in Cats
Whiskers.we share our money to buy her a stripey dress!yay..hehe but she also like the big butterfly ones.maybe she'll get that later :) i also bought one cute spaghatti's lovely!!hehe...

then, we went to Hartamas Square to eat.during dinner,dayan told us about the 'story'.so sweet dayan.tak sangka ko kenal dia dah lama :P and some of other story as well.dayan treat us waffle and the three of us share the waffle.best2!i wish that we could do that again,meeting and story telling. :)

miss ya all!!

p/s:for more info about cats whiskers click here Cats Whiskers

Saturday, July 5, 2008

moving out

yesterday nite was the most lethargic nite that i've ever been to.thanks to my lovely and cute cousin,we managed to move from level one to lever ya muahx!! :)

and now i am alone,just for today because tomorrow my sengals friend will be waiting for you ni.cepat la datang :P

so what am i going to do today?i have no idea yet.basically i just wanted to go and see the theater AIR CON at KLPAC.just wait and see if ada tickets lagi.

so,to all have a nice weekend and see you tomorrow!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Last Day.

Today is my last day here in Traxmedia.i have already nearly to finish my internship.yay!hope that i could pass.i dont want to work in the office environment sucks.we have to suckup our other office friends,our bosses and politics,just hate it. :) but still,i'll be missing judith,maria and phuvanesh.not to forget my boss as well :)

As for the rest,you know where you stand so i think you'll not be missing me anyway :) it's fine coz i know where i stand too.hehe..hate me,i dont mind. :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Counting down the days

I only left 2 days for my industrial training to end.mixed up feelings rite now.happy to go and meet friends again, but at the same time will be missing my mates here in Traxmedia.will be missing the punch card,the 'friend of mine' which is the rotating cd machine and also the environtment of tense and also some part,joy.

next week,i'll be in the class again.can't wait to meet Yen and of them owe me Satay.hehe..yen..better watch going to be very2 hungry on that day for sure.dah lama mengidam satay ni.aha :P

uniten,miss it?oh no..i've been staying inside since my 1st day of,been seeing A LOT..i mean A LOT of Uniten.and speaking about Uniten,you know.that Saiful kid.oh,i used to know him because he's my friend's ex-boyfriend.he's a very talkative person.always on the go and full of energy.just,good luck to both of you Saiful and also Dato Seri Anwar.i love both of you guys so dont quarrel that much.politics sucks by the way.

conti with my 'counting down the days'.I am counting down the days.haha..oh oh...the junior students are now doing their orientation.i saw bunch of them this morning when i drove past the Admin building.they were all red and the fasi was all green.what a terrible choice of color!nevermind,im not wearing any of the color anyway :)

so,have fun guys today.maybe..i just say maybe i'll be posting again if i feel like i dont have other things to do.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Bisikku pada Bulan,
Kembalikan temanku,

Tanpa dia malam menemaiku,
Sepi memelukku,
Bulan jangan biar siang biar alam ini kelam,
Biar ia sepi sepertiku

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