Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday Present Dayana & the stories behind :)

Yesterday i went back home just to accompany my mum because my dad is not in Malaysia right now.he went overseas to UK.maybe this Sunday he'll be back.cant wait for the chocolates and also other stuff that he will buy for but i like my dad to be at Japan because he'll bring me gadgets stuff like the one i got from him last year if im not,apa bila nak g jepun lagi ni?lol :P

so okey,at night i met with my besties.izzati and dayana.for the purpose of buying dayan's birthday present.we went to hartamas and we bought the present in Cats
Whiskers.we share our money to buy her a stripey dress!yay..hehe but she also like the big butterfly ones.maybe she'll get that later :) i also bought one cute spaghatti's lovely!!hehe...

then, we went to Hartamas Square to eat.during dinner,dayan told us about the 'story'.so sweet dayan.tak sangka ko kenal dia dah lama :P and some of other story as well.dayan treat us waffle and the three of us share the waffle.best2!i wish that we could do that again,meeting and story telling. :)

miss ya all!!

p/s:for more info about cats whiskers click here Cats Whiskers

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