Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Counting down the days

I only left 2 days for my industrial training to end.mixed up feelings rite now.happy to go and meet friends again, but at the same time will be missing my mates here in Traxmedia.will be missing the punch card,the 'friend of mine' which is the rotating cd machine and also the environtment of tense and also some part,joy.

next week,i'll be in the class again.can't wait to meet Yen and of them owe me Satay.hehe..yen..better watch going to be very2 hungry on that day for sure.dah lama mengidam satay ni.aha :P

uniten,miss it?oh no..i've been staying inside since my 1st day of,been seeing A LOT..i mean A LOT of Uniten.and speaking about Uniten,you know.that Saiful kid.oh,i used to know him because he's my friend's ex-boyfriend.he's a very talkative person.always on the go and full of energy.just,good luck to both of you Saiful and also Dato Seri Anwar.i love both of you guys so dont quarrel that much.politics sucks by the way.

conti with my 'counting down the days'.I am counting down the days.haha..oh oh...the junior students are now doing their orientation.i saw bunch of them this morning when i drove past the Admin building.they were all red and the fasi was all green.what a terrible choice of color!nevermind,im not wearing any of the color anyway :)

so,have fun guys today.maybe..i just say maybe i'll be posting again if i feel like i dont have other things to do.


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