Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flashmob at LAMAN

Hello2.another flashmob LAMAN,Taman Tasik Perdana.we (me,denel,syu and ain the mingle) arrived quite early without noticing that we actually had to 'find' the Main Stage.we were walking from the entrance while looking through the map.we got was confusing actually the map because the writings are so small and there are a lot of sponsors so we just walked with our instinct.untill at one point i just couldn't stand it anymore i asked one of the people involved in the LAMAN thing. (how do i know?he's wearing the LAMAN tag)

we were actually near to the main stage from where i asked the LAMAN,when we arrived there was actually no one around.then we saw this one man which is from RA as well.we saw him in the LUM and also KLX and also ROB so i know he is there for the flashmob.

then,syed and many more came.including Zain and his fellow RA friends.we were given a briefing about what we are supposed to do by Zain.i bought denel the RA shirt and then a few mins after that,we started to follow our leader was Syed Nasir.we need to fall down (laying on the ground) for 30 sec (that was the plan but i think we did lay down for about 4 mins).when the clowns are near us (the clowns are the main attraction for people to gather around us and see us laying down),sameer was like saying '' so i think i was the first one to lay down.haha.then ain was beside me.she asked me nak tutup mata ke tak ni dee?i was like..tutup la..then..tak payah la.haha..but i can see the people around us,looking at us,pointing at the same time,the MC gave a briefing about what we are doing.the symbolic about what we are doing.

then,after the dead thing finished,we took pictures together and then we dismiss.we (me,denel,syu and ain the mingle) went jalan2 cari gambar!oh penat sangat because in each place there must be something funny!oh sakit perut ku~

next activities late august.23rd..gonna miss them all now.

Here are some pics from the LAMAN.


  1. haha. tak pernah gelak sebegitu banyak dalam hidup. penaaaaaaaaat mulut! but it was fun!!

  2. ye..btol tu..
    perut pn dah sakit..rasenye bleh kurus kalau hari2 mcm tu.haha

  3. buang tebiat laa kalo hari-hari. haha


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