Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gifts from my dad.

Even though it is not yet my birthday,my dad had already gave me things from England.yeah.England.he went there last week remember i told you in my blog? :)
well,i just love my dad.he seems to know everything even though he is not around and even though i seldom talk to him.he seems to know,what i like and what i want and what i adore.i love him so much for that.he is so caring and so like sharing.he seems to live in his own world because he loves golf and i dont have any brother to like,follow his passion.i suck in golf,btw.i used to take the golf course in uniten but like i said,i,i feel sorry for my dad.he used to bring me along with him to the driving range and i will have my own plastic golf club with me and play at the sandy part of the was nice the father-daughter thing.but now things are getting more and more is not that who is running away from is just that i grow up now and he sees me as an adult now.(i think so) but,i still look out for him,asking him my pocket money and book money and he even paid my tuition fees when i did not get my ptptn.he's so understanding.or maybe he did not have any faith in me?i dont know.

what i know is that,i love my apa so much. <3>

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