Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Great Days Ahead

Hello.i have started my class this week.all of the assignments and stuff and notes printing and everything.still NOT missing my workdays.haha.left it all even when im still working there.enuf about my internship days.i wanna type about my student life here.

so okay im currently taking project 2 this sem which means i am going to be extremely busy.oh still have to digg out the ideas from my lazy brain here.haha.but i have some new and fresh ideas coming so i hope that Sir Azlan could just accept my ideas plus,his ideas as will be superb i'll tell ya! :P

so,the SALES are in and i've already bought loadsa long sleeves shirts and im lovin it.murah je la since it's sales kan?so my birthday is coming and i bet hadiah i semua SALES need to buy presents.just wanna celebrate it with my friends and of course,family. :)

so,shop wisely okeh~

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