Sunday, July 13, 2008

RandomActs Flashmob LUM and 7 Guards!

Me and my friends went for RandomActs Flashmob LUM at KLCC yesterday.We met at the carpark opposite Dang Wangi LRT Station and gathered at the front gate of the Dang Wangi LRT Station for a little briefing about Look Up More (LUM) and we we divided in to several groups on the same day,debab dah siap repair!yay! :D

continuing about the LUM,from Dang Wangi LRT we rode on the LRT and reached at KLCC station.It was like 1 stop only Dang Wangi->Kg Baru->KLCC.Then our 2nd meeting point which is near at the pond of KLCC.We were actually waiting for the calling time for us to go to the food court.(our group [me,syu and ain] was placed at the food court and the other is at the kinokuniya).

when the time comes,we held the banner and then (in hoping) for someone down to point up to us.we are actually promoting RandomActs next project on 23rd August which is the RWP (Read While Waiting Project) and the banner has every alphabets of the Read While Waiting Project.I was supposed to held a 'T' banner so im on the out most left and im actually the end of the line.hehe :) Syu beside me held a 'C' banner.We held the banner for actually not more then 5 mins i think.

when we were trying to dismiss, we went to the escalator and on the other side of escalator,we saw a security guard getting up.someone was actually pointing to the guard and he sees us, and syu trying to ran away from the guard and we did get away but sadly for our 4 friends in my group,including ain get caught.

we went to Avenue K Burger King and we had a post mortem the representative from level 3 and 5 giving their speech about 7 GUARDS that are actually trying to find us n feeling so damn wanted.haha.but we did managed to ran away from the was fun,damn fun!running away from the guards is the most fun thing that i've ever done.haha..

So,when is the next project,Zain?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. alamak terdelete pula comment yang before.

    thank God ramai orang. boleh menyusup dan menyelinap dari ditahan guard. hahaha

  3. haha..ya btol tu syu..memang kite nasik baik je tu..ain plak yang kena tak pe..ain postif je. :D

  4. haha...ain tak postitif ahad ni siap la dia.
    mingle2 suke la tu ain tu.. :D

  5. sume kene positive..nnti boleh la mingle2 sampai lebam..hahhaa...


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