Saturday, July 19, 2008


I went to RandomAttire booth at the That Green Thing in Happy Mansion.we were actually tryin to find the Happy Mansion but found nothing.Syu accidentally saw Zain and we were trying again (so hard!) to find the Happy Mansion without realize that we actually at the Happy Mansion.oh gosh!

Finally we arrived.and register and so on..we went inside.i saw Zain.i think he saw,nevermind.we were actually just aiming for the RA shirt.where the heck is the booth?i asked first, the place was not that crowded.i met with jen,my friend in cats whiskers.miss her.u dah kurus la jen.. :) but,anyway we did bought the shirt and mikey came.he said he was hungry so we went out to the amway punya foodcourt there.nasi lemak panas.

here,when u just arrived,the stalls people will start asking you what to eat.there are around 4-5 people,surrounding our table,started to spill out their menu.we were like,stoned for a moment.have not yet ever been to a place like this.then we started to say 'nak makan nasi lemak'.we ordered the drinks then we ate our food la. :)

after that,we went back to the Happy Mansion.sat there for about an hour or so then we just could'nt hold our 'shi-shi' so we went to the petrol station to let it out.then,we just went back home because segan nak masuk 2,3 kali.hehe...

so,here's the pics of the RAttire Shirt.


  1. the foodcourt experience was like "funny!". like we were under attack; with menus! hahaha.

    the 'shi shi' part was hilarious. i seriously wanted to pee soooooooo badly!

  2. haha...ya btol.the foodcourt was like..semua terpana.not because of the beautiness of the foodcourt (which was actually memang tak beauty pun) was like,MENU-ATTACK!!!!run!!!haha.

    shi shi part i think that one memang hilarious.dah la b4 that we saw thic clips yang memang banyak gambar air and the sound effect pun bunyi hujan..hish...made me wanna pee more!hhahha


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