Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I need my cats back

Someone took my cats away in a cage this morning. The 2 of them, mother-daughter.

And it will be a curse if YOU don't give them back to me.I know who's behind this thing.

Give me back my cat.Or I'll bring more cats inside Murni you fuc*ing idiot.


  1. garangnye dia..hehe ni fiez le..kadang-kadang rajin gark baca D nye blog.. ;)

  2. lol..bace2..jgn tak bace..hehehehe :)
    ye la..dah bela kucing tu dari dia baby lagi.
    dlu pernah kena buang jgk.tp jmpe kat upten kutip balik.ni dah tak tau dia buang kat mane.ada kontrak IKARI yg dtg.


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