Friday, August 8, 2008

Im still sad

Im still sad.i need my life back.i need my cats back.i cant sleep every night,keep dreaming and crying because of the cats.i love them dearly.and it's my birthday some more.i just want a present of my cats back.i guess that is not going to be happening ever.

i joined the SPCA group.and i felt sorry for them.i think they need bigger that the lives inside that shelter is not being put is sad to see everyday,there will be an innocent animal being put down because of us.we do not take the effort to adopt or even foster these animals.maybe im going to become one of the volunteer people in spca soon.i love animals and i can play with them each's my life.i've been living with my cats since i have no brother or sister to play with.

i think we should open our mind and accept the fact that we should encourage people to adopt animals in spca.

to SPCA, i promise to you that i will give you a gift that you could cherish all your life when i have the privillage to do is all for the sake of these animals inside.


  1. la ye ke..fiez ade kucing tapi susah nak bela asik kuar outstation je...D dapat kucing baru kalau pegi SPCA tu selalu g ngan sape..nak join?nak buat xtiviti baru..fiez pun minat gile kucing tak macam ED bela tupai ahahahha

  2. hahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahaha...ED mmg.ape la bela tupai.mahal plak tu.hish..

    itula tak tau laai nak g weekend boleh la dia bukak je dari 9am smpi 4pm.bile2 nak g nnt d msg fiez.

    pakai no lama lagi ke?hehe


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