Thursday, August 14, 2008

A visit to MDEC

Today my Virtual Reality class had a field trip to MDEC in's not that far from uniten yeah i know.on the way to cyberjaya i saw MAHA, in, we arrived at MDEC earlier then we thought and while waiting for the right person to in charge us, we were wandering at the lobby of MDEC.thank God,there were so many things that we could play and watch around.

On the way..

Mr Shahrul.My VR lect and also my academic advisor.

Denel and Mahan

The interactive lobby

Then, we were brought to the VR was not that big but they have this big and expensive things inside it.though it was like out-dated (they had this center in the year 2002) because now we have more advance technology in house.the guy from MDEC shows us the demo about was spectacular and 'wow'!the putrajaya,the body autopsy and the flight least,i've seen the use of VR in front of my eyes.hehe.

This is the Virtual Reality Center.

Inside the VRC

Our MDEC person,the one in long hair.

Here are the rest of the pictures....

The laman

poreh and me


The cute chair!

Me and Denel



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