Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Counting down the days.

Im counting down the days that im going to be in uniten. the draft of the final exam timetable is out now.and my project 2 presentation will be just one month after the final exam.duh.i havent started doing my photo taking of the actors and actress yet.haihs.so many things to do in a so little time.thank God my presentation for all of the subjects are done.i can now concentrate with the projects and my final year exams.

im counting down the days for me to be with my friends, to be with my lecturers and to be with my cats here in uniten.i will be missing the aibob forum..miss the ug bbq and ug trip and all of those ug's activities.rindu sangat~hehe..

how am i going to deal with these drastic changes in my life later?

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