Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am so in dilemma...

Oh God.I am so in dilemma.i haven't started my storyboard yet for my project 2 (I change my story) and at the same time, I have to complete at least a portion of my Authorware implementation. I'm stuck at the linking part, jump to page 2,3,4,5 and so on, back and forward that kind of thing. I have to seek help from Mr TJ after all and study the textbook. Duh~

And this handphone thingy. I cant get it out of my mind's driving me crazy.but not that crazy.haha.i still have a couple of months to actually finish my studies and start working.Me and qila actually had this dream. we wanted to open up a business. cupcakes and bakery business. we like to bake. i actually ask my mum for an oven just now, bring it to uniten. hehe..

Ah, iPhone...i dont want it anymore..know why? no bluetooth, no flash browsing, no all. no bluetooth?????what the hell??oh no man..i need a phone that has more then an iPhone. i dont know yet but maybe SE.hurm..let just see what i like and need a the moment.ehe...G900 is also nice.but people said that the cam is not that good even though it's 5mp.hurm...i need bigger phone now.not big phone,but big phone screen.and it has to be 3G.because i wanna do video calls with my ayg~ hehe..everybody is doing it and i dont want to actually left behind.

ayg,even though he is sometimes childish and so on,he is still my ayang after will cherish him forever.teehee~


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