Monday, September 1, 2008

UG Bbq Party!~

Last Frieday night i had a BBQ ate,we play games,we get to know each other.i won one of the games,teka perfume.hehe...after that ada lagi games yang limbo and paper for couple punya game,i dont know.QnA ape tah.hehe..but overall,it was fun.i had fun.i dont know for others but for me,i had fun and i enjoy myself. :)

here are some of the pics.hehe..


  1. Time belajar memang best. Dah keja tak best

  2. ngahah...
    ko telah di tag oleh ak...
    masuk blog...

  3. cak cak

    aaa there you are~ kan best pakai blogspot kan~ nice je...

    erm saya cadangkan cik rissa buat show 3-5 post per page ke... huhu panjangnya~ takpe takpe... baru lagi dalam arena blogspot eh...

    nanti da expert tambah la my link n ina's link~

  4. erm.sbenarnye dah lama pkai blogspot.cume b4 this tak commercialkan my blog je. :)

    thanks for your tak pe.i like it this that org boleh baca semua yang ada ni.hehe.not just restricted to 3 or 5 post je per page. :) lagipun,tak lambat sgt nak load kan?there's nothin berat kat my page.

    hehe.sure.boleh je nak tambah now.tak payah tunggu


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