Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am me.No one can change that.

I have been living for 22 years now.and i can say that i am a very cold hearted person.(ask most of my friends that knows me well).I tend to yell and shout when things dont go my way.I am like Kimora Lee.I am her but she's not my idol at all.I like being me because i think that i have that girl power in me.

I am loud and i am scary.I love to say out loud things that i hate and dont like and usually my opinion is right.That is my way.So Kimora Lee right? :) What i say that comes out from my mouth are the best things that i could say out of.Sometimes i dont think when i speak.I just say it.just like that.And i know that will hurt people feelings but i dont care since no one care about my feelings.I am like that.if you dont care about me,i will not care yours.So cold hearted.

I am the lion.Oh yes,my star sign is LEO.and i supposed to carry out the LEO attitude.Not to be so gentle all the time.I can say that i am not as gentle as the other friends that i have.Since i dont care about it,why should you?

These are the things that i am proud of when being me.People will say that i am stupid for exposing the dark side of me but who cares.I am me.No one can change that.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


..Why do people think that their life is not worth living?...I have no clue why we should actually convey everything SAD and not so going well with our life everyday when we actually have something good happens?Do we need the attention so that people will respond to our sadness with something like ' sad.i hope you are fine' or 'What's happening?Do you need someone to talk to?' If everyday and everything in your life or even your blog is something emotional,sad and etc it shows that the person writing has nothing to do in their life and just blabbering about his/her sadness.It's sad,for people like this.and for me as a blogger,i will never visit that kinda blog ever again.because i don't want to start/end my life with sadness by just reading those emotional writings of yours....

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Ultimate Open House!

Sir TJ open house.

  • Nasi Impit.
  • Rendang Ayam.
  • Meehun sup.
  • Daging black pepper.
  • Rojak buah.
  • Kuah kacang.
  • Kek Secret Recipe (sumbangan ikhlas Dyla) :P
  • Kuih raya (Tat,cornflakes,cokolat,kacang,semprit,muruku,badam)
  • Sirap+aiskrimsoda (kot la)
Things happen
  • Angkut meja+kerusi.
  • Meeting 'long lost friend' tapi tak bertegur pun.haha.
  • Duduk rumah Sir nak dekat 9 jam.
  • Melayan anak buah sir yang *weng* :P
  • Tolak kereta waja sir sebab tak boleh start.haha. (pakai kebaya tu tolak keta!)
  • Dapat main kamera canggih skit la.haha.
  • Dapat merasa suasana

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I love boyzone, up untill now.i dont know why but i love their songs.yes one of them are gay but who cares rite? :)

I like their song, especially No Matter What.I think that song is so powerful.Most of their songs give inspirations to me in all kinda ways.

Here's the lyrics - No Matter What

No matter what they tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach us
What they belive is true

No matter what they call us
How ever they attack
No matter where they take us
We'll find our own way back

I can't deny what i belive
I can't be what i'm not
I know i love forever
I know no matter what

If only tears were laughter
If only night was day
If only prayers were answered
Then we would here god say

No matter what they tell you
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach you
What you believe is true

And i will keep you safe and strong
And sheltered from the storm
No matter where it's barren
Our dream is be involved

No matter who they follow
No matter where the lead
No matter how they judge us
I'll be everyone you need

No matter if the sun don't shine
Or if the skies aren't blue
No matter why they ended
My life began with you

I can't deny what i believe
I can't be what i'm not
I know this love forever
That's all that matter's now
No matter what

No, no matter what
No, no matter what, no matter that's
All that matter's to me
No, no matter what, no matter that's
All that matter's to me
No, no matter what, no matter that's
All that matter's to me
No, no matter what, no, no matter what,
That's all that matter's to me
No, no matter what, no, no matter what,
That's all that matter's to me

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baking stuff

Nowadays,i baked cupcakes and give to all my friends.I did not ask for any money,just sincere giving away the cupcakes. :)

I did one for RandomActs.Kinda missing i did one for them.but the main problem is that,i dont know who am i going to give it away too.Zain?how am i going to meet him.hehe.well,i guess it's for me.hehe. :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008

PGL audition

It is so sad that i could not go to the PGL was all because of the packness of my schedule and more or less,i haven't prepare yet.i have already set in mind a couple of songs to sing to the judges but still i need more time to at least be comfy with my tones and also my acting need to be more perfect.

I hope that i could at least drop down my portfolio to the studio and have a personal one to one interview/audition.Please God give me that once in a lifetime chance.

Dear Datin Tiara,I was hoping that i could at least been given a second chance to come to the audition.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mixed up feelings

When i look at those pictures in faceshit, i realize that i am not even their friend.they just used me.they dont even remember me at all.shits happen.i know.but friend's shits are reality.i hate friends like this.i try to be considerate,have fun with them,be part of them but they dont see me as a friend.i bet you will regret this,loosing me as a friend.maybe you are not my type,or i am not your's ok.i will backoff.thanks for the wonderful Ramadhan. :)

I will be missing you guys.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Open Houses.

Last Saturday i went to my school friend's open Shah Alam.we convoyed from UM because i have a friend who is studying there.So,two black myvi's and two girls and two boys,arrived at section 11,Shah Alam.It's kinda easy to find the house,since Alya (the open houser :P ) gave zati's the direction to her house.We met our school friends like Ain and Syahirah.Seems like thousand years left we were in one school,playing and arguing and everything.Now,every each and one of them are big enough now.Some of them are getting married some more!Congratz to whom is getting married next year. :) Syah, cantik cincin tu.hehe...

Well,back to the story.We arrived and being greeted by Alya herself.we salam her dad and then straight away to the food buffet.haha.There,they have laksa johor (my fave),cara berlauk,ABC,kueyteow goreng and nasi lauk.I ate the laksa johor (of course!it's my fave) and also a lil bit of kuey teow.hehe.and not to forget ABC.the drinks are Ribena!i like ribena too.

We stayed there for about an hour.and then zul had something to do,i have something to do too but we actually followed zul and zati things is not that important.So,we again convoyed to Mid Valley.

Arrived there,we went to the gardens CIMB and then shoot to the Axcess tickes.Zul wanted to buy a tennis tickets.I try to take a look at PGL3 tickets.Rm153 is the best one i can aim for i guess.i'll buy that one day.hehe.Then we jalan-jalan inside the gardens,since mid valley are packed with people.We went to Starbucks,bought a drink and trying to find a seat to sit down but we founf none.So, we sat at the comfy sofas at the gardens.we bought Big Apple dough nuts and ate at the sofa.

Then,we jalan-jalan again to Maxis center because zul need to activate his mum's roaming but he can't because the real person,meaning his mum need to do it by herself.So,we headed to Samsung shop,Nokia and lastly Sony Erricson.Play with the demo phones,berangan and then kutuk2 skit..after that,we go on owr seperate ways,went back home.

It's almost 5pm.I have another open house to attend in section 8,Bangi.This time it's denel's friend,,we went straight off to bangi.find hani's house and then makan lagi!we met with some of hani's cool friends!they are to hillarious.

After that,i thought we have something to do in KL.but that thing is being canceled so me and denel went karaoke at Metro Prima Kajang.hehe..until late~

Basically that was my day!Oh yeah,i went to mid valley wearing baru kurung!so does my friend,zati.hehe.cayalah!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The origin of Facebook.

I only knew that Facebook was actually originated from Harvard University.It started at Harvard by the name and then changed to in the year 2005 after they had bought the domain .com.

wanna know more about facebook?

Click Here To Know More About Facebook

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I went to see a football match today.MU vs WBM.sat beside this stranger MU fans (i doubt so he's an MU fan).I sat beside him and started to say out loud, bad things about MU.

i think he's in a crazy mood watching the game,sitting beside me because he did not finish his drinks or even try to stay a lil bit late after the game.haha..mesti sakit hati kan bang~ dengar orang kutuk2 team yang kamu minat.haha

Ape2 pun sorry la ye.but MU still did not performed very well.because only after the 1st half of the match,they managed to score a goal.Ape la.

sakers~~ :P

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have this weird dream. - Not so wierd la.

I have this weird dream.I am at this someone house that im not so familiar with.not in my family tree or someone that i precisely know of.but i can remember someone gave him a card and on the card wrote Pak --- (cant remember). i still can remember how the owner of the house arrange his super cars.he went out,driving his car.then i was invited to be in his car.

He was driving on the road,trying to find a gas station to fill up gas in his car.And then,i ask him.can i drive this car.surprisingly he said yes.(it's a dream was a manual car.Suddenly i can drive manual car.but still,not that fast.since im driving a super car,it was the slowest ever i guess.haha.

Step into the cluch,into the 1st gear.the car was moving forward,slowly.and then i realize i was at the small road.then- i woke up.haha.

What car am i driving?It was the Lamborghini Gallardo.haha :D So McDreamy car~

Friday, October 17, 2008

My project 2

Im taking project 2 this sem.Still on going eventhough i have to actually finish my project at least a portion of it before 24th of October,next doing 'Interactive Comic Book'.how i did it is basically im going to take pictures of the LEGO and try to combine the pictures to become like a story.and i'll edit the pictures using any photoshop plug-ins.

the story line is quite simple.i try to make it interesting by letting the user to choose the,im trying to let the story to be as interesting as possible so that the reader will actually feel that they wanted to read or know the story until the end of it.

Wish me luck on my project this time.I want to stop studying and start have so many things to buy now.haha.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first jersey.

Im not into football that much.i don't support some specific team.this first jersey that i bought (it was actually my unidentified dude that bought me this jersey) it was only because of the design of the shirt and also it has no stupid stickers on the jersey it self.

After this i'll be waiting for my second jersey.haha.MALAYSIA team.i kinda like it.and i wanna search for the Argentina team because i like the color of the jersey. :) i choose a jersey by it's design,famousness and,dont blame me if i did not buy Manchester United's is because it's too rare.hehe.maybe the black MU jersey will do for me.hehe..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just what i can think of...

Pelacur,whore,bitches,biatch..and whatever they call them in their own language.Pelik betul orang macam ni.still exists kat sini or even kat seluruh dunia pun.tapi kan,yang lagi pelik orang yang melanggan orang2 macam ni.mmg la,ada orang kata,whore2 ni pakai ilmu la,ape lah.tapi,kalau kita tak cari,mesti tak kena.betul tak?so,kenape nak di cari masalah kan?

Tak tau lah,for me sex is not's nafsu lah.macam perempuan,nafsu shopping,beli barang macam2 tapi kalau tak beli tak mati pun.i dont know,it is just what i can think of right now.maybe one day i will say that sex is actually something keperluan jugak. :)

so,nak dijadikan cerita,i went to chow kit just now.with unidentified person lah kan.We just went there sebab nak tgk keadaan kat sana la.Macam biasa,bapak2 ayam sentiasa menunggu tepi2 jalan,menarik pelanggan2 untuk melanggan anak2 ayam dia tu.tapi,walaupun anak ayam tu mmg seksi habis,tapi bukan perempuan.dalam erti kata lain,nyah atau bapok.(mintak maaf sape yang terasa).kenape golongan ini yang orang lelaki cari?ye lah kan,dengar mmg geli,tapi kalau tgk mmg boleh stim orang laki ni.pakaian derang kalah perempuan.aset2 derang kalah perempuan.(ye lah,dah palsu..mmg la kalah golongan perempuan ni).tapi,ntah lah.macam la tak de benda lain derang ni nak buat.duduk tepi lori,posing maut punya.haha.hadoh.ape nak jadi ni!bukan nye nak cakap suruh hapuskan derang ni cuma macam pelik,ape lah yang ada?

This is just what i can think of right now..sape2 yang nak langgan,sila kan.aku taknak masuk campur hal korang ni.cuma la kan,korang ingat2 je la..yang layan korang tu,laki jgk.hehe..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dreaming things

I will list down all the things that i want to have in my life.

  • Happiness.
  • Healthy.
  • Money.
  • Sports car.
  • Fun job.
  • Bakery Shop.
  • Cats and dogs.
  • Loadsa friends.
  • Latest Gadgets.
  • DSLR Camera.
  • Family.
And many more to come.Dont wanna list down here all these remeh temeh things la.hehe.. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Raya 2008

Tahun ni raya macam palat skit la.tapi tak pe,still maintain je duit raya.itu yang penting.haha :D
neways, raya tak banyak sangat ambik gambar.amik gambar sendri2 je la jawab nye.syok sendri.tahun ni raya kat kedah la Pekan (amirul faizal) datang beraya kat kg cek~ haha...lagi pun tahun ni raya asik g TESCO mergong je.hish..smpi nak dekat balik penang pun sempat lagi g tesco tu.macam kat kl tak de tesco je.haha...tak pe lah...tetap best sebab dah lama tak beraya kat alor star.selalunye petang raya pertama tu je baru sampai alor star dari penang.tahun2 seblum ni asik raya penang je.tahun ni tuka angin....~ so,ni la gambar raya syok sendri..hehe..

Ano dan aku~ Tu aku mekap kan ano tu..natural kan? :P

Aku dan Nafis~

Mama ku dan anak buah nye~


Raya ke-2.Berkebaya~

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