Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baking stuff

Nowadays,i baked cupcakes and give to all my friends.I did not ask for any money,just sincere giving away the cupcakes. :)

I did one for RandomActs.Kinda missing i did one for them.but the main problem is that,i dont know who am i going to give it away too.Zain?how am i going to meet him.hehe.well,i guess it's for me.hehe. :P


  1. hee.syu nak?bole2..nnt dee bg.ada kot lagi ni cupcakes.hehe. :D

    shafie..okeh.dah jadi follower da. :D
    nak cupcakes jgk ke?hee..tgk stok oret? :D


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