Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am me.No one can change that.

I have been living for 22 years now.and i can say that i am a very cold hearted person.(ask most of my friends that knows me well).I tend to yell and shout when things dont go my way.I am like Kimora Lee.I am her but she's not my idol at all.I like being me because i think that i have that girl power in me.

I am loud and i am scary.I love to say out loud things that i hate and dont like and usually my opinion is right.That is my way.So Kimora Lee right? :) What i say that comes out from my mouth are the best things that i could say out of.Sometimes i dont think when i speak.I just say it.just like that.And i know that will hurt people feelings but i dont care since no one care about my feelings.I am like that.if you dont care about me,i will not care yours.So cold hearted.

I am the lion.Oh yes,my star sign is LEO.and i supposed to carry out the LEO attitude.Not to be so gentle all the time.I can say that i am not as gentle as the other friends that i have.Since i dont care about it,why should you?

These are the things that i am proud of when being me.People will say that i am stupid for exposing the dark side of me but who cares.I am me.No one can change that.

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