Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have this weird dream. - Not so wierd la.

I have this weird dream.I am at this someone house that im not so familiar with.not in my family tree or someone that i precisely know of.but i can remember someone gave him a card and on the card wrote Pak --- (cant remember). i still can remember how the owner of the house arrange his super cars.he went out,driving his car.then i was invited to be in his car.

He was driving on the road,trying to find a gas station to fill up gas in his car.And then,i ask him.can i drive this car.surprisingly he said yes.(it's a dream was a manual car.Suddenly i can drive manual car.but still,not that fast.since im driving a super car,it was the slowest ever i guess.haha.

Step into the cluch,into the 1st gear.the car was moving forward,slowly.and then i realize i was at the small road.then- i woke up.haha.

What car am i driving?It was the Lamborghini Gallardo.haha :D So McDreamy car~

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