Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first jersey.

Im not into football that much.i don't support some specific team.this first jersey that i bought (it was actually my unidentified dude that bought me this jersey) it was only because of the design of the shirt and also it has no stupid stickers on the jersey it self.

After this i'll be waiting for my second jersey.haha.MALAYSIA team.i kinda like it.and i wanna search for the Argentina team because i like the color of the jersey. :) i choose a jersey by it's design,famousness and color.so,dont blame me if i did not buy Manchester United's jersey.it is because it's too rare.hehe.maybe the black MU jersey will do for me.hehe..


  1. that jersey is nice. beli la chelsea pula.

  2. ehe.itulah.nak kumpul jersey plak. :D

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