Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Open Houses.

Last Saturday i went to my school friend's open house.in Shah Alam.we convoyed from UM because i have a friend who is studying there.So,two black myvi's and two girls and two boys,arrived at section 11,Shah Alam.It's kinda easy to find the house,since Alya (the open houser :P ) gave zati's the direction to her house.We met our school friends like Ain and Syahirah.Seems like thousand years left we were in one school,playing and arguing and everything.Now,every each and one of them are big enough now.Some of them are getting married some more!Congratz to whom is getting married next year. :) Syah, cantik cincin tu.hehe...

Well,back to the story.We arrived and being greeted by Alya herself.we salam her dad and then straight away to the food buffet.haha.There,they have laksa johor (my fave),cara berlauk,ABC,kueyteow goreng and nasi lauk.I ate the laksa johor (of course!it's my fave) and also a lil bit of kuey teow.hehe.and not to forget ABC.the drinks are Ribena!i like ribena too.

We stayed there for about an hour.and then zul had something to do,i have something to do too but we actually followed zul and zati instead.my things is not that important.So,we again convoyed to Mid Valley.

Arrived there,we went to the gardens CIMB and then shoot to the Axcess tickes.Zul wanted to buy a tennis tickets.I try to take a look at PGL3 tickets.Rm153 is the best one i can aim for i guess.i'll buy that one day.hehe.Then we jalan-jalan inside the gardens,since mid valley are packed with people.We went to Starbucks,bought a drink and trying to find a seat to sit down but we founf none.So, we sat at the comfy sofas at the gardens.we bought Big Apple dough nuts and ate at the sofa.

Then,we jalan-jalan again to Maxis center because zul need to activate his mum's roaming but he can't because the real person,meaning his mum need to do it by herself.So,we headed to Samsung shop,Nokia and lastly Sony Erricson.Play with the demo phones,berangan and then kutuk2 skit..after that,we go on owr seperate ways,went back home.

It's almost 5pm.I have another open house to attend in section 8,Bangi.This time it's denel's friend,Hani.so,we went straight off to bangi.find hani's house and then makan lagi!we met with some of hani's cool friends!they are to hillarious.

After that,i thought we have something to do in KL.but that thing is being canceled so me and denel went karaoke at Metro Prima Kajang.hehe..until late~

Basically that was my day!Oh yeah,i went to mid valley wearing baru kurung!so does my friend,zati.hehe.cayalah!

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