Thursday, October 23, 2008

PGL audition

It is so sad that i could not go to the PGL was all because of the packness of my schedule and more or less,i haven't prepare yet.i have already set in mind a couple of songs to sing to the judges but still i need more time to at least be comfy with my tones and also my acting need to be more perfect.

I hope that i could at least drop down my portfolio to the studio and have a personal one to one interview/audition.Please God give me that once in a lifetime chance.

Dear Datin Tiara,I was hoping that i could at least been given a second chance to come to the audition.


  1. oh dee, dunno u can sing.. all the best ye.. hopefully you'll get what you want.

  2. hehe..i can sing.dalam toilet. :P

    thanks syu~

    hope you too.hehe


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