Friday, November 28, 2008

Back Home

Im at home.quite bored but at least i can have a rest and watch my faves channel.hehe.

I'll be updating the pics that i took before my last goodbye to Murni.

The rules

Tempat kucing2 tido. Dadih,Bandung n Milo.

My level,3.

From the balcony.

The kitchen where me and Qila baked our cupcakes. *memories*

The place where meggi mee is being done.supper time.

My room,1 and Qila's room,2.

The final packing. *sob sob*



  1. 1) hye anfaaL out boy ^_^

    2) already finish ur degree izit?

    3) He he..

    4) cheers ~

  2. hello there! :D yup i've fin my degree! :D



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