Sunday, November 23, 2008


Im trying to sell my cupcakes ni.but i dont know where is the market and also how to sell.haha.I've made a lot and i think i have found the right way to actually made it taste good.IF any of you wanted to taste it,just msg me here in my blog and i will give you the taseter.hehe.bisnes la konon.LOL.

Right now,i only made vanilla.before this i used to made butter cupcakes but i think it's not as good as vanilla.So,i decided to make vanilla cakes from now on.chocolate will be made later.

Here are some of the cupcakes pictures that i've made.I know mastura's and salina's ones are not that tasty because that's the first time i'm using that,forgive me mas and i hope you will taste the vanilla's better.hehe.

This is Royal Icing

This is Butter Icing

This is Butter Icing

Butter Icing.First time attempt. :) A box of 8 pieces.


  1. fiez nk Rasa boleh?fiez byr le hehehe
    harga plg murah n plg sedap n yg kuantiti yg plg sikit..nak rasa mane tau memang superb leh order kasi member2 yg nak tunang n nak kawin n harijadi dalam masa terdekat ni..hehehe tlg member2kan....

  2. wah dee!! gud job..nak rase sikit!! bile mau jmpa ini?..

  3. peh..cmni la kasi kt kak aku je haha..

  4. eleh ed jeles la tuh.haha..
    nnt aku kasi kat ko jgk la..

    yana.hehe..thanks! :D jmpe?bile2 pn bole.hehe

  5. ceh..
    mentang2 erry ske warne biru...buat warne biru ye:)
    jual kat mne2 pon ble..tpi jln..hahahah


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