Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Mas!! :D

I celebrated Mas birthday at the Traders Hotel altogether with Fau,Kat,Intan,Acai,Mirza and of course Denel.The food was awesome!I had sirloin beef (200g) well done cooked,with a black pepper sauce.The side dishes were mashed potatoes and stuffed potatoes.Yummy.Then,we went to Sky Bar,level 33 at the same hotel.We just sat there,have a drink and took pictures.We could actually see the twin tower from up there. :D oh ya,i baked cupcakes for her birthday present.I hope it tasted good.

Birthday Girl.Mastura.

The 5 of us. = )

KLCC view.

Dinner food.Sirloin grill with mashed potatoes.

The cuppies! :)


  1. salam salam>.<
    waaah best nye makan diner xD
    sirloin beef walao + mashed potatoes
    drool :P

  2. Keh3...sedap2..

    Thanks for commenting!!LOL


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