Monday, November 10, 2008

I hate those people...

I hate those people who -
  • Do not understand Bahasa Malaysia,English and even body or sign languages.
  • Plays with someone's heart and then let go.
  • Thinks he/she is good enough and be big headed.
  • Can't be truth to themselves and people around them.
  • Loves to seek truth by following their heart.
  • Thinks that love is just like a game.
  • Wants more then they deserve to have.
  • Likes to bother others life and ruin it.
  • In love but afraid to show it.
  • Thinks that illegal racing is cool.bullshito.
  • Hates me.


  1. I hate illegal racing too. It's stupid. Rempits are stupids too you know. I hate their hideous bikes, outfits and of course their hairstyles.

  2. haha.yeap2..hate em.
    just wait for my Ferarri. :P

  3. illegal racing isn't cool. but i do enjoy watching others race. ( not myself obviously )

    so am i being hated? haha


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