Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2nd day trip. Kedah - KL

So, on the second day of the trip, we went on with our plans which is going to Tok chak's birthday party.We arrived at around 12.30pm.Everybody was there except Auntie Liz and Uncle Mazlin together with tok cik.

As we arrived, Tok Chak has already waited for us at the main ballroom.We salam Tok Chak and then met with everyone else inside the room.Everyone was there, everyone from Yunus family.

Me and my cousin , Zafira sat at the table near to the buffet servings.hehe.the dessert buffet serving.and we lovin it so much.

So, at first there was Tok Chak, giving his speech.and the host of the day,Auntie Sonya told the story about the Yunus family.and it does make sense now who is who.now it is even more clearer. :) Then, there were lunch time together with the photoshoot and also slide show about the history and past of the Yunus family.

Then, the cake cutting ceremony.The cake was so cute and beautiful.The taste was so superb and the icing was just nice.I love the cake very much. :)

Here i'll share the pictures together with all of you.


  1. 1) hello anfaal

    2) kedah di mana sehh

    3) upload la gambar jelapang padi ke ape.. ;p

    4) he he

  2. dasyat tul yg gamba 1st tu..
    gne bunge api tu:P

  3. rindu gilak sama kamu..tp anda ditag oleh saya, sila jalankan tanggungjwb anda..hahhaha


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