Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cupcakes now on SALE!

Remember when i said that i'm planning to sell my cupcakes?Well,it seems like i have already planned out and this is what i have in mind..


all mini cupcakes ONLY.

I sell :-

20-25 : RM15.
49 : RM35.

The flavors : Vanilla and Chocolate (just for the time being).

Choices of icing : Butter or Royal icing.

Colors : Your choice. (But in case the color you choose can't be made, I will ask you to find other color.Please make it basic color)

Design : Any design you want, sprinklers and any sugar confectionery available for FREE.

Delivery only at : The Curve (that area) and UNITEN.

Want to take a look at my products before?

Go to Cupcakes T.A.G.S on your right.


  1. 1) nice idea anfaaL ! :)

    2) gud luck on the sales ! ;)

    3) he he

  2. dee nk tempah. tp for my bro's wedding leh?

  3. hehe..boleh2...nak wat mcm ne tu?

    SMS la ape2 nanti..kat no maxis dee kalau nak reply cepat sbb DG kat rumah Dee ni ngok skit. :D

  4. sure no prob. tgh dlm plan. dok fikir lagi nk cmne.

  5. oret2 :D
    ape2 you know where to reach me!hehe..

  6. akak..i dun have ur maxis num..
    i only have ur DG num..
    msg num maxis akak:)


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