Monday, December 1, 2008

Emo Chelsea fan, Drunk Wira driver and ...

It was the night that i will never forget.A mad and emo Chelsea fan sitting beside me.He was once singing Chelsea's song,with pride and joy.It was the first goal that Chelsea made.He was so happy,not being emo at all,and keep shouting good things about Chelsea.Lampard must do this and that and bla bla bla.But then, the first goal for Arsenal.He's not that happy anymore because it was an offside,but who cares.hehe.Then, second goal for Arsenal and he went mad.He cursed puki,shit,fuck..such a lousy Chelsea fan.I dont care bout who wins and what them he cursed at.It is just that he's so damn emo,until his friends are embarassed of him.he did not think when he said that, which made people looking at him. After the game, he kicked the chair in front of him.What a stupid chelsea fan i guess.This happened at Hartamas Square.I feel sorry for his friends tho. :)
After that,during on my way to home, there was this Wira car,driving like mad.left,right,left right and he even nearly hit the divider on his right side of the car.he's drunk i guess.what a pity day for him if he had an excident.

oh yeah,i want to say it again, Arsenal won . :)


  1. 1) hoLa anfaaL out boy! :)

    2) chelsea fan = a loser supporting a losing team! ha ha.. >:p

    3) am not supporting arsenal btw :|

    4) ManUtd is KING! :D

    5) take care. ;)

  2. hehe...yeah..chelsea sucks..

    i dont support any specific team but i dont like MU. :P


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