Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have this friend..

Hello.Today im going to tell a story about a good friend of mine.we can call my friend, X.X is a very hardworking person.X loves to work and loves to do good things only.but x did smoke tho.but i dont care because a boy like him usually smoke.before this, he did not smoke that much and even i think he did not smoke at all.after last year,he smokes a lot.not the smoking that i want to story here is just that i am thankful because i met with was a coincidence though.i met X through a friend of mine.

Me and X always quarrel with each other.but i think we did not mean it.haha.but i like quarrelling wit X because he will always loose at the end.LOL.i havent met with X for quite some time now.I hope we could meet again. :)

p/s: X have already read this post.and said 'I love ur latest update'.LOL.


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