Friday, December 26, 2008

Langkawi Trip. :)

Well I am currently at Langkawi right now.but still,im going to post out my photos that i took during my christmas day at Langkawi. :)

The View From My Room,1421.

My flight here to Langkawi was supposed to be at 5:15pm but it went delayed untill 5:40pm i, i arrived at about 6:30pm and arrived at the hotel at around 7:00pm.

My Plane.

Then we have our dinner at the jetty of Langkawi.ate nasi lemak and sate.the sate looks cute though.hehe.and it's cheap.of course. :)

second day, I woke up late,very late.when i woke up my mum and dad left me.they went to the shops near my hotel.So,i dont mind because on Thursday i was quite tired because of the job interview.I had to wake up very early. We went to Langkawi Fair Centre. it is a shopping complex.then we went to The Loaf.This bakery and bistro is own by Tun Dr Mahathir.the food was superb but quite expensive.I ordered Fettuccine tastes good but i couldnt finish it because it was quite full. :) The cheesecake was also yummy and super-extra-delicoius!!!!!!!and it looks cute too.hehe.

The Loaf.

My Fettuccine Carbonara.

The Super delicious Cheesecake!

After that, we went back to our hotel but only my dad went up to our room because he wants to put back his shoes.Then,we went to the shops near our hotel.nothing much only surveying the prices.surprisingly, we met with our ex neighbour and a friend from Newcastle.they live just below our room,1321.mine is 1421&1422. :)

Then, we went back to Langkawi Fair Centre because my dad wants to buy something from Guardian.During our way to Guardian, I met with Dr. Fazley and his wife together with their little baby.I met him like,all the time during my trip back to it was not that WOW. :)

After that, we went to langkawi jetty.sat at Starbucks for a while then my dad calls our ex neighbour to have a dinner alltogether.They agreed and after maghrib prayer, we went dinner at this Thai restaurant.After we had our dinner, we all went to Pantai Chenang.My friend went shopping while i just follow them.Our parents gossiping at the beach.

Dads gossiping.

Mums gossiping. :D

After that,we went back to our hotel.Basically this is what happens on the 2nd day at Langkawi.
Oh ya,Azim i found your hotel Landcons.haha :)

Lancons Hotel. :P


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