Monday, December 1, 2008

My prison life. The do's and don't

The do's
  1. I have to wake up early.As early 6am. Solat Subuh and then cannot go to sleep after that.
  2. I have to stop being childish and not independent.
  3. I have to eat healthy food only. (WTF!)
  4. I have to sleep early.No 2-3am's sleeptime.
  5. I have to meet new friends to gain experience.(I met new friends like..everyday.Hello mummy!)
  6. I only can go out (driving myself) if and only if i want to find jobs.Other then that,it's a BIG NO!
The don't s
  1. Hangout with the same people.
  2. Take photos. (My mum said it's a waste of time)
  3. Lend others camera and keep it for one night.(Even if the owner's want me to only transfer the pictures from the camera to my laptop)
  4. Be too dependent.

My comments are,why photography is a waste of time?I don't think so.It's a passion.She does not know anything.How can't i be to dependent to others, since i can't drive my own, I don't even have my own room for god sake and yes, i still sleep with my parents.

It's my parents fault,not me.I am not the one who should be blame here.I can't wait to work and leave home.

Who said being the only child is good.It's not good at all and i hate it.It's not that i blame God for this but,it seems like i actually did.


  1. i just cant because it involves my mum.she's the queen here.

  2. 1) heLo anfaaL :)

    2) am so agree that photography is a passion! from the way u talk, kalo ada peluang mesti u teringin sangat nak main dsLr kan. ;)

    3) still sleeping with ur parents? but considering if ur the one and only child, i could understand.. :|

    4) take care!

  3. OMG dee.. hehe. sabar ye. nanti dok sendiri kang miss plak sama your parents.

  4. Rui

    .yup.dslr teringin jugak.hehe.

    .but im 22 turning 23 now.i have my own private life too! :)


    .haha.OMFG kot.hehe..hurm..tak miss sgt kot.haha.sbb kat murni dulu tak de la miss sgt2. :P

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