Friday, December 12, 2008


Yesterday I went to Pavilion again with my parents.My mum wants to buy bed shit.ops..bed sheet. :P Well on my way back i saw one of my fave car, Skyline 2006. Have you seen it?It's very rare to see this car and when i saw it yesterday I'm quite happy and excited! (okay..overly excited!haha)

The picture that i have here is in blue and white.The one i saw was black and I'm effin lovin it! :D


  1. 1) skyline kot :|

    2) if so happen one day u finally got this dream car, do let me test drive it ok? ;)

    3) about ur holidays, pergi laa sneak out senyap2, or u mmg kena grounded for life behind bars, he he.

    4) cheers ~

  2. :) I have passion for cars.I love cars!

    hehe...i memang kena grounded.*sob sob*


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