Tuesday, December 2, 2008


  1. Today it's raining.
  2. Today I'm happy because .... i have no idea why.
  3. Today I'm angry at someone.but still will be forever.
  4. Today I'm going to become selfish.as selfish as him and did what he did to me before.
  5. Today I'm going to have dinner with my parents.
  6. Today I'm going to sleep at 4am tomorrow.(i don't care mama what you are going to scold me tomorrow,I'm immune to my surroundings now)
  7. Today I'm going to play with my cats,hoping that someone could come and cheer me up.Anyone.
  8. Today I'm going to listen to Christina Aguilera's STRIPPED album again.
  9. Today I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a great day.


  1. 1) hey anfaaL! i like number 7. CATS

    2) if your bored kan, would you mind snapping a few pics of ur cat, then upload laa.. :D

    3) cheers~

  2. hehe rui.
    When im playing with my cats,i just cant do anything else. :)

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