Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anugerah Juara Lagu ke 23 - Iluminasi Muzik

Last Sunday night i attended AJL at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.It was on hell of a night.from me trying to avoid someone to actually meeting that someone.haih.kiasu.hehe.but then i think it's time for me to have fun.why can't i have fu on that night?so i decide,whatever ok B***. :) 

We arrived late,because some of us are not ready yet and basically ada yang merajuk la ape la semua.tak nak datang because they did not have the right attire la.and then,when we arrived,we have to wait for kak Intan Ladyana and Shajirry.aaaaa...it's already late and the red carpet is almost done.but,finally we made it to the red carpet. :P

Then,because of our 'earliness', we have to stand for quite sometime while the crew searcing for more chairs.at that time,mr fawwaz came and greet Erry.I was trying to run away from him but at last,he caught me.haha.then,we get our seats.me and denel sat in front of that man Dafi.oh God,he's small. :P Sorry Dafi.small but cute tho. (amik hati) and oh yeah,Ezany was behind me as well.

Then,during the show started i watched,laugh,histerically shout and what so ever behaviour that i could be,i be it.haha.tak padan pakai dress.lol :P 

Then,when all the winners announced,we have another problem which is finding the post party entrance.Sorry to say TV3 but this one you made it a little confusing.no arrows what so ever.at least there's someone guiding the artist to the post party. :) So, we did found the place for the post party after quite half and hour of searching the place.With Erry being stop to take pictures and stuff.

It was one hella of a night.When we want to go home,we had some photoshoot goin on at the carpark D.haha.I was waiting for the pictures from denel. :)

Congrats Meet Uncle Hussien. :) I knew you guys are winning.


  1. is great time for group indie..emm =)..

    psst:aq bajet pejal tahir menag woo ..kui2..aq ni fan feveret pejal lah..anfaal..^-^

  2. hehe,
    tak pe la KF pejal menang banyak dah..
    suruh dia pi derma kat tabung GAZA duit2 tu skit. :P


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