Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hari ini.

Me and Dayana [Pavillion]

Hari ini I have the greatest day ever!!!!!!Went out with Dayana.Went to Pavillion and ate Laksa at Food Republic, both of us.And then we went to The Loaf..of course :) Bought Uhu!Hu! cheesecakes. (My fave of all time!!!!!) and then we went to Danau Kota to meet with Erry.He had a recording there.And then we went to Setapak to eat Nasi Lemak.Dayana did'nt eat because she was extreamly shy.Aha!No.She said she was full and i believe her. :P She ate Uhu!Hu! cheesecakes and she's full.I believe her. (Dayan jual mahal Erry nak blanje dia tak nak :P) Suddenly, out of the blue, we met with Bard.He was there too.Accidently met but he was with another person so he did not join us.But Erry's Shirt and Bard's are the same.The 25 Tahun TV3 black polo shirt.haha.

After we ate,our stomachs are full with water and food, we went to Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.We followed Erry to his new drama set, 'Gadis Cuci'.At first, we went there just to accompany Erry.But then the production's came to me and Dayana, saying that we are needed to be in the drama for some extras.This was Dayana's first time and i bet she was nervous like hell!haha.Thank God kan Dayan muka kau tak nampak.Tapi konti kau banyak gile.haha.Aku satu scene je kot. :P Famous la kau nanti.haha.We got the payment.RM** :)

Then, we went back home. :) It was a short day but still it went out smoothly!!The road was empty and i can drive like mad.(If only i could.haha.i still obey the rules ok) 


  1. emm hahaha jln2 yer..ok lah tue slmt bercuti-cutian ok.naa..bye2..=)

  2. wahh dee.. nanti kuar tv bitau la ye. nk spot mana dee. hehe

  3. waaaa..best kak rissa..hehe..
    kuar tv agy..haha

  4. KF : Slamat bercuti jgk :)

    Syu: hehe..lambat lagi kot..dee pn tak pastu episod brape dee masuk. :P

    Sury: Biasa la~~ lala

  5. ding dong.eh ade gamba aku laks.hee.syiok ah belakon.hee.tp kalo blakon aku dating ngan ko kat restoren lg super syiok!

  6. haha.tu ah.tak pasal2 ko kena blakon dgn mamat botak.ish.
    terpisah jua akhirnye.


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