Friday, January 2, 2009

I know people hate me.

There are some reasons why people should hate me.

  1. I am very cruel.
  2. I am violent.
  3. I am stubborn.
  4. I am stupid.
  5. I am not what they wanted to be.
  6. I love to stay away from problems running away i supposed.
  7. I tend to forget everything that is not useful.
  8. I am a very idiotas person.
  9. I am very hard hearted person.
  10. I am truly not available.
  11. And many more.Do add in your comments. :)


  1. There are other reason why they should love you... and personally, I love you... and there are reasons for everything... I don't have to put it here, because let it be only me who knows what's good in you... And to all, this post is bullshit... Why?? Because we all know that she is not like that...

  2. that what makes you so unique dear.


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