Friday, January 2, 2009

It is not to late for critism

This post has nothing to do with the title above. :) I am just bored so i thought that by posting a title like that might catch the eye of someone.haha.well,but actually it does mean something 'tho. :)
So today actually i have nothing in mind.My friend said that he wanted to ask me out with his cousin, venturing KL to find the best MP3 besides IPOD.but then he had someting to do and he said that he couldnt make it.So,i have my own plan which is watching 'Wild Child' DVD.I have nothing in mind and i have nothing to do.So pathetic right?haha.well,i dont care so why you. :P

Then,one called from him.he said 'weh.jadi pulak.aku dah on the way dah ni.aku kat shah alam.dalam stengah jam aku sampai la rumah kau'.i was like 'haha.okok'. I have no idea why i reacted that way 'tho. half and hour later, he arrived at my house with his 'Lambo+Lancer+Porsche+Nissan Z Fairlady+ and many more cars' (actually it was just a neo.haha)
and we went to Centerpoint,met with his cousin.

After that,we went to One Utama.the mission is to actually find an MP3 player that suits him.LOL.I wil definedly say IPOD.haha.but he still wants to survey SONY and,we went to Sony Centre in the old wing of OU.Found one,very stylo and classy.but a bit pricey for just 4GB.(there goes the cons~ haha). Then we went to Machines. exploring IPOD many colours and GB.hehe.but a bit cheaper then that SONY.

Jalan-jalan and jalan again, at last he decided to buy IPOD.yay!on the way to Machines store, we actually did the pros and cons.s here it goes..

  • Style.
  • Brand.
  • Colours.
  • Accessories.
  • Cheaper.
  • Slim.
  • Light.
  • More GB.
  • Pricey accessories.
  • No landyard holes.
  • Hard to transfer songs if you dont know how to use iTunes.
I think the cons are just that.If there are more, do add them in the comments. :)

Then, he bought the ORANGE nano with a black pouch.all cost around RM700.hehe.There goes the money.but still, you will be using that ipod for a long long long time.(jangan g letak atas keta plak yang ni).Have fun using'll love it im sure.haha.kalau tak,pass kat aku.haha :)

Want to know more about this IPOD NANO clic here -> NANO

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