Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little note for my mum.Hope she could read it.

why mothers like to compare?

old me
  • sit at home.
  • study.
  • read books.
  • polite.
  • and many more good stuff...
new me
  • always out with friends.
  • spoilt.
  • lazy.
  • wtf.....
Dearie Mummy,
Life changes.We changed.I changed.Universe changed.Even you changed.I can't be the old me because that is me when i was little.I can't be that little girl anymore.I grow up now.I hope you understand but it seems like you don't.I am 23rd this year.Not that 12 years old anymore.I have my own life.I have my own privacy life.Let me decide what i want to do and what i want to be.I will face all the consequences.That is how i learn since you did not teach me anything.You always blame me and scold me for things that i've done.But basically that is how people nowadays did it.Each of us are different.We lead our own way and our own life.Yes we do need you mummy but the thing is that you don't believe everything that i said and do.It will always be about you all the time.From what i wear and eat and now work.I just can't do it anymore.It is time for me to have my own life which i did not have it before.
Sorry mummy,I have to go for my own life.So sorry.

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