Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My work now.

I have worked for MyTv3 Roverz for two days now.It was fun but still quite tiring.But as long as i am not driving then it's ok.haha.Well,my first day was tuesday.The first time i went to tv3 alone and try to be independant enough.I have got a message from Hairi, the Taiko for MyTv3 Roverz saying that to contact Fawwaz when i arrived at tv3 so i did.I called Fawwaz and he said that he is waiting for me at the lobby.

Met with Fawwaz, he then brought me up to Level 2 of the North Wing at Sri Pentas.There was the place for MyTV3, Jom Heboh and also NTV7. I met with others Tv3 people who is so nice and friendly.Then when Fawwaz asked me to have a drink at the TV3 cafe, Bard came by. He was just arrived from home.He joined us later.

The cafe was ok and the drinks was not that expensive.'Teh O Ais' for only rm1.00.I remember the place where i used to lepak with my unidentified person, longkang.The drink was also RM1.00 at that time.

Then Bard teach me on how to ask for the car key.Since MyTv3 Roverz uses the Honda CRV, we have to ask for the car key, the oil card and the 'surat beranak of the car'. Surat beranak meaning that the in and out of the car, what time, the km meter and so on.All being list down.
Then, we have to take the box inside the car, to fill in all the prizes that will be given out.The prizes was at the level 2, mytv3 office. 

Around 1:00pm, we went to our first place which is the Balaji supermarket at Pantai Dalam.I was not that nervous but i have nothing in mind to say.but i think i did well.not being shy or anything because being a Roverz did not require you to be have to speak up.loud.and smile a lot.hehe :)

After my first stop, we straight ahead went to eat.Then waited for our second stop which is at Seputeh KTM.It was our luck because it was raining.Oh ya, when it rains, we have to cancel.we have about 4 hours for our last stop for the day near pantai dalam also.

What do we do during that 4 hours?We went to Mid.haha. :P what a job right?still can do some was kinda bored at mid actually so Bard called his Suria FM people.Where is their next cross?They said at Bangsar.So,we straight away went to Bangsar from Mid, meeting the Suria FM people.It was quite fun.My first day of work i have got loadsa prizes!Chocolats, some car thingy, brylcream, book, whatever drink from Suria.haha.

Today, we crossed at section 13 foodcourt,jaya 33 and one utama.It was fun!Most relaxing job ever and im loving it. :)

Oh ya, i have seen Farawahida's going-to-be performance lookalike on AJL. :) it involves fans.hehe


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